What’s for Dinner?  Week Commencing 12th March

What’s for Dinner? Week Commencing 12th March

Uh oh, last week’s meal plan didn’t exactly go to plan.  In fact, I fancied absolutely nothing on my meal plan.  Next week I’m going to start dedicating more time to meal planning… and will include breakfast, lunches and dinners and work out the nutritional values of my meals beforehand.   I think I’m failing so miserably because I have too much of a backup plan just in case I don’t fancy something.  I need to learn to just suck it up.

So, this week, for dinner, we are having:

Beef enchiladas & Salad

Meatballs & Spaghetti

Homemade Chicken Kiev & a mixture of veggies

Sausage casserole & jacket potatoes

Homemade Pork & Turkey Burgers with tortilla wraps and salad.

Brinner Baguettes

Chicken Roast

I’m going to try and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch every day too.  If that means I end up with egg salads for lunch and a banana for breakfast, then so be it.

This week is going to be a quieter week than last too, so I stand a better chance of actually cooking what I have planned.

What’s for dinner in your house this week?