Life with Blodwen – she will soon be gone

Life with Blodwen – she will soon be gone

Over a month ago I attended an unusual appointment.  It was unusual because it was an appointment for me.    I rarely attend appointments for myself, usually they are for one of the kids.  However, this one was with a surgeon to discuss the hideous hernia I carry around with me on a daily basis.

My problems all started soon after Anwen’s emergency caesarean delivery last May.  Initially, I thought I was healing well but within the first 6 weeks post-partum, I noticed that I had an unusual swelling in my lower abdomen.  It was right below my belly button in the area I was advised to inject the Fragmin into.  I had hideous bruises all over my stomach and when I attended an appointment with the Nurse at my GP practice she advised that it was a large haematoma.  (I wasn’t convinced.) I took her advice and monitored the size and shape. 

For two months, I felt the “haematoma” grow, even after I’d stopped injecting myself with Fragmin.  Eventually, I was able to get an appointment with my favourite Doctor at the practice. (I fought hard to even speak to her.) I practically broke down into a sobbing heap when she asked me what was wrong.

I was so immensely paranoid by this point that it was something completely and utterly terrible, I couldn’t help my emotions.  Within 5 minutes, she had put my mind at ease.  It wasn’t great news, I mean, I had a hernia, but it wasn’t some sort of tumour or anything more life-threatening. 

Fast-forward to my appointment with the surgeon and he confirmed that I do indeed have a “large hernia”.  It needs repairing.  But, we have a bit of a goal to achieve first. 

My BMI is higher than 35, and it’s at that point that the failure rate increases exponentially.  However, for me, he said the important thing isn’t the weight I lose but the focussed exercise.

I’m looking at as soon as September for the surgery.  It’s not going to be a small procedure.  Due to the size it’s going to be open surgery and a 2.5 hour operation.  They’ll use a mesh similar to what mountain climbers use, it can support up to a tonne in weight BUT if my muscles aren’t up to the job then it’s pretty much useless.

So, the next 6 months for me involves Weight Loss, exercise and a journey to improve myself and my health.  The recovery time will depend on me, it’ll be as hard or as easy as my preparation makes it.