How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring/Summer Entertaining This Year

How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring/Summer Entertaining This Year

The long winter chill is slowly but surely thawing over, which means we’ll soon be greeted to warmer and sunnier weather – at last!! Now, there are a handful of reasons why I love the warmer months of the year, but the main one is because it means we can go outside again. When you spend a lot of money moving into a house with a garden, then it feels like a waste when you can’t really make the most of it thanks to the bad weather.

Yes, spring/summer is a time to get out in your garden and make the most out of it. More specifically, it’s the time of year for outdoor entertaining! Whether you’re having friends around for a warm evening of drinks and fun or inviting your children’s friends over for a BBQ – you need to get your garden ready!

So, here are a few vital tips that will help you get your garden in tip-top shape ready to entertain all your guests this year:

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Create The Main Entertainment Area

Your garden needs an area that’s dedicated to hosting the entertainment. It will be the section of your garden where everyone stands around, where you cook things on the BBQ, and just where all the fun happens. There are two key options to consider here; patio or decking. I’m a patio-lover myself, I just think it requires less maintenance and can look a lot more classy than decking. But, you may like decking more, and that’s okay! It’s all about creating a platform of sorts for people to stand or sit on while the entertainment happens. It’s much easier to put furniture on patio/decking, as opposed to on the grass. The size of this area depends on the size of your garden, but I do recommend you leave a grassy area too, and I’ll explain why later in this piece! The main thing to remember from this point is that you need a patio/decking area to base the entertainment on.

Furnish Your Garden

Once you’ve got your main entertainment area created, you can start furnishing it. There is a wealth of outdoor furniture you can buy to complement this space. If you browse Bridgman, then you’ll see plenty of garden table sets in many different styles. Personally, I think a table set is essential as it gives you an outdoor eating area. This is perfect for all manner of occasions; a cocktail party, a BBQ, or just inviting friends over for dinner in the summer sun. So, a table and chairs is a definite ‘yes’, but what else? If you have enough space, then an outdoor sofa area or comfy chairs wouldn’t go amiss either. This provides guests with a place to sit down and relax, but you could also just buy some typical garden chairs if you haven’t got the budget or space for a sofa area. Now, your entertainment area is really coming together, and you’ve almost got it finished!

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Add Some Outdoor Accessories

To finish this area off, you need to add some essential accessories. The main things to think about are covers and heaters. Covers – such as outdoor umbrellas or a gazebo/marquee – will help protect this area if the weather is bad. You may well organise an outdoor party weeks in advance of the date, and then the rain arrives midway through the event. With a cover, you can still stay outside until the rain passes, or at least stop all your furniture from getting ruined. Heaters are great for those late night events. You might invite people round for dinner, and they stay really late into the evening. When the sun goes in, the temperature can drop, which makes it cold. Instead of taking the party inside, you can keep it outdoors with some heaters to warm everyone up. If you really want to be a great host, consider supplying blankets too!

Provide An Area For Kids To Play

Remember earlier on when I said you should try and leave a grassy area in your garden and avoid covering it completely with patio/decking? Well, the reason for this is that you need to provide an area for kids to play. You don’t want your children and their friends playing on your patio/decking, for a couple of reasons. One; there’s more chance of them hurting themselves if they fall on a hard surface. Two; they could easily damage the area or the furniture in this area! So, if you have a grassy area at the bottom of your garden, then it gives them somewhere to play. This will come in handy when you invite your own friends over for a party too. They may want to come, but can’t find a sitter for their kids. In which case, you can tell them to bring their kids along, and they’ll play with yours in the garden! Try and include some things at the bottom of the garden to keep the kids entertained as well. Something like a little sandpit is a great idea or even a mini jungle gym.


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Maintain Your Garden At All Times

Just like that, you’ve created the perfect garden for outdoor entertaining this year. My final tip is to ensure your garden is well maintained and looks nice. Keep the grass cut to a good length, make sure it’s always lush and green, and trim any bushes/hedges. Get rid of any weed on your patio/decking, and just generally make sure your garden looks appealing. No one wants to host a party in a garden that’s overgrown and embarrassing!

Right then, this has been my mini-guide to getting your garden ready for spring/summer entertaining this year. I don’t know about you, but I got a little excited just writing this! After a very long and cold winter, it’s fun to look ahead and think about those long summer nights, and warm summer days. You’ll finally get the chance to use your garden again, meaning it no longer feels like a waste of space!