Day Zero Project – March Update

Day Zero Project – March Update

It’s already the last Sunday in March… how did that happen? I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year is going.  Today, though, I’m focusing on my Day Zero Project.  The challenge I set myself to achieve 101 goals in 1001 days.  You can find out more about my goals in my first Day Zero Project post

I’m 137 days into my challenge which means we’re almost 14% of the way through.  Let’s have a look at my progress so far.

Goals Completed

9 Declutter the toys.
27 Narrow down categories and tags on the blog.
36 Open a regular saver account
41 Get any credit card balances onto interest free balance transfer cards.
44 Switch internet providers if there is a cheaper option.
61 Walk the coastal path.
78 Write list for 101 in 1001.
95 Build a snowman with the kids.

Goals started but not yet completed

1 Cook 52 new recipes (3/52)
2 Stick to a cleaning schedule.
17 Write consistently.
19 Monetise my blog.
23 Improve my newsletter.
24 Develop my niche.
25 Grow my following on social media.
26 Update my challenge progress at least once a month.
28 Delete irrelevant content from the site.
29 Check for broken links at least once a month.
31 Keep up the #FeelGoodLinky.
32 Pay 75% of our debt.
33 Save for a big family holiday.
35 Put £10 away for each goal completed.  (£80/£1010)
40 Improve my credit score.
45 Put an extra £50 a month towards debt.
53 Have 52 days out with the kids.  (3/52)
64 Lose 3st. (6lb/42lb lost)
66 Read 52 books.  (22/52)
67 Watch 52 different movies.  (6/52)
70 Have a hernia repair.  (Expected around September 2018)
75 Complete 101 in 1001. (8/101)
83 Play a board game at least once a month for the duration. (1/32)
89 Create and edit more videos with Garreth.
90 Sing songs with Enfys and Anwen every day.
92 Surprise the kids at least once a month (3/3)
97 Complete 52 random acts of kindness. (3/52)

Goals I have decided to change

30 Pay someone to redesign my blog.  I decided to scrap this one because I love how Beth in a Box looks at the moment.  Instead, I’ve decided to change it to:

30  Research and switch hosting providers.

I am quite excited about the next month.

Are you taking part in any challenges this year?  If so, how are you getting on?