Babywearing with the Wompat

Babywearing with the Wompat

It’s been years since I mentioned babywearing and how much I love it.  The time has come though, where I’m going to talk about it again.  I love wearing my babies.  This time, though, I decided I didn’t want to wrap.  I was never any good at it anyway.  Instead, I went on the hunt for something different. 

I asked 2 of my babywearing loving friends for their recommendations.  I wanted to try out the Ergobaby carrier but didn’t want to spend the money and end up not liking it.  One suggested a Wompat. 

I didn’t even know what a Wompat was.  It turns out they are gorgeous wrap conversion carriers.  They can be either full buckles or half buckles. 

I headed straight over to the only sling hire company I know, It’s a Sling Thing, to check them out.  I hired one that day.  I couldn’t wait for my fluff mail to arrive.

It actually turns out my friend has amazing taste.  After years of trying to master a back carry with a woven wrap and never succeeding, I got Anwen on my back without help.  It’s really simple to use and I noticed I couldn’t really make a mistake with putting Anwen in it.  Once it was on my back it was just like wearing a rucksack.  Just a really precious, really heavy rucksack.

Enfys loved it just as much as Anwen did too.

Within a few hours of receiving the hired Wompat, I had bought an ex rental one from them. 

Right now though, I’m getting excited.  I recently sent one of my pretty Girasol woven wraps off to be converted into a fantastic custom Wompat.  I’m getting it converted into the next size up to the one I already own. 

In the last few weeks, Enfys and Anwen have both spent their fair share of time on my back.  Anwen helping me cook while I’ve preferred using the carrier to take Enfys out for walks.  That way I only need to take to Donkey in single mode which makes everything so much easier.

Have you ever tried out a Wompat?