5 things I couldn’t spring clean without…

5 things I couldn’t spring clean without…

We spent the last weekend giving the house a bit of a spring clean.  By spring clean I mean a full on decluttering session.  Honestly, we had too much stuff.  The kids had way too many toys that I spent hours of my life putting back in the boxes after they were emptied by one of them.  It was time for a serious declutter ready to create the cwtch corner for Macsen, Enfys and Anwen.  (And the older two of course, but it’s primarily for the younger 3.)

In order to make adequate space in my living room I knew things had to go and I was brutally ruthless.  At one point, Jim even asked if we were moving out.  In light of my success (I threw out 8 black bags of rubbish, 10 bags to the charity shop, a dining table and chairs and 3 bags of baby clothes to Jim’s friend who has recently had a baby) there are 5 things I couldn’t have done the job without. 


This is the number one thing I could not have completed the job without.  I’m always the ringleader when it comes to decluttering the house but it generally is a team effort. I enlist the help of the older two with the younger 3 (have you ever tried decluttering with 3 under 5 around your ankles?), they also take it in turns to give us a hand if needed. 

Jim gets the heavy jobs.  The DIY stuff… you get the picture.  I do the organising and decide what we’re getting rid of.

Refuse sacks

You need a lot of refuse sacks… preferably the strong variety.  I couldn’t be bothered to keep things to eBay this time around.  I just wanted it gone so had one sack for charity shop stuff and one for the bin at all times. 

I despise things hanging around.  There are still 3 bags left to go to the charity shop but they are currently sat under the stairs.

Antibacterial Wipes

I gave up using dusters a long time ago, these days it tends to be antibac wipes or wet wipes.  The decluttering job would have been incredibly difficult without the wipes.  I wiped over the paintwork, the television, the toys, the shelves.  We even spot cleaned the floor with them.  Oh, and don’t forget wiping over the sofa. 

Antibacterial wipes are truly the best thing since sliced bread… really!

Coffee and water

I would not have got through the whole ground floor without coffee or water. I drank an unbelievable amount and I was also very hot and sweaty.  I needed to replace everything I was losing. 

Yes, if you have a long job like the whole ground floor then definitely keep up the water, even if you don’t want to stop for food.  If you know you’re not going to stop to eat, then make sure you have a hearty breakfast in the morning. 


I don’t know about you, but some days I just lack the motivation to do things.  I would not have been able to complete this task without the help of my good friend (who very often deserts me), Motivation.  She is the one thing that you need more than anything (well, except water… and maybe food) to complete a big job.  If you don’t have motivation then it’s probably best not to start the job until you do feel motivated. 

 Do you have anything that’s a complete must-have for a spring clean?