Speech Delay & Education

Speech Delay & Education

I have concerns regarding Macsen’s ability to cope in a mainstream classroom, even with the type of support in place as outlined above.

Suddenly, everything clicks into place.  Macsen IS different.  He is not an AVERAGE child.  His ability to cope with a mainstream school place is in question. 

I have spent almost a year fighting Macsen’s corner and I am thoroughly exhausted.  We have finally reached a point where something needs to happen.  It needs to happen to ensure Macsen gets the most out of school (and life).  Macsen needs more support than the nursery can give. 

The last year has been one of the most frustrating I have experienced.  His speech progress, while amazing, is slow.  His attention leaves a lot to be desired and his frustration levels have continued to increase. 

It has been recommended by his speech therapist that the best place for Macsen will be a specialist speech and language unit.  The initial report from her says just that. 

This past week Macsen has been seen by the Educational Psychologist.  Her observation went well, however, he appeared to be on his best behaviour.  The usual incidents didn’t happen. By Friday, though, he had completely unravelled and couldn’t keep himself calm.

We have made some progress though.  He is happy to go to school.  They have assigned him a 1:1 TA despite not being entitled to it at the moment.  The staff are getting to know him and have learned to pick their battles wisely.  Tidy up time is one of his regular triggers and automatically heads to the ‘cwtch’ to play with a puzzle.

Macsen’s future education plans are still up in the air.  I’m hopeful that he will get a place at the speech and language unit but how likely it is, I do not know.

I often feel that there is no place for my boy except with me.