It’s Past Time Your Hobbies Made Money!

It’s Past Time Your Hobbies Made Money!

How long have you been taking part in hobbies that don’t give anything back? Okay, so they look after your body and help you stay fit and healthy; big whup. As Lil’ Wayne would say, it’s all about the moolah baby. And, believe it or not, pastimes can be pretty lucrative. For the non-believers, here is a selection of hobbies that either save or make people money. You’re welcome!


Spring Cleaning

The start of spring is just around the corner, and it means one thing: a big clean. There is nothing that obsessive homeowners like to do more than clear clutter and create space. Sure, the fact it’s a compulsion might not make it fun, but that’s a different argument for another day. The point is that you clean on a daily basis, and you do it without making money. All you have to do the next time is set up a stall and add tags to the rubbish you don’t want to throw. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so someone will pay a couple of quid for the privilege.


Retail therapy never hurt anyone. It has put a few bank balances in a vulnerable position in the past, but that’s a different story. However, it doesn’t have to be thanks to couponing. As the name suggests, it involves cutting out voucher codes or collecting them online. Sure, some friends will look down their nose and ask ‘why on earth do you bother?!’ There’s no need to reply because it’s simple: it’s a money-saver. Thanks to coupons, you can hit the high street and exercise your credit card to feel better. And, the fact that you are beating the system makes it all the sweeter.


Maybe you like Netflix and chill? Or, perhaps you prefer to sit back on the sofa and binge watch your favourite shows? Either way, there is money to make as long as you make the right investments. Now, the global stock markets aren’t looking healthy at the moment, but that’s an advantage. Experts believe there should be no long-term damage, which suggests the current prices won’t last long. By using a Netflix stock chart to buy shares, you can return a day of relaxing into a job. The key is to wait long enough to increase your ROI and sell when it reaches an acceptable number. With all the original programming of late, it shouldn’t take forever.


Lots of people play an instrument for the love of the art and it’s commendable. However, you can still be an artist and make money. Take that Banksy! Many ‘musicians’ don’t go starving and then secure a record deal; they teach. Teaching allows you to practice and play and become better while charging for the privilege. Plus, you get to see the students grow and learn which is pretty cool. If coaching isn’t your thing, you can create a buzz on social media and hope a mogul spots your talent.

Can you think of any more hobbies which are money-spinners?