Oooh, what’s for dinner in our house?  W/C 19/2/18

Oooh, what’s for dinner in our house? W/C 19/2/18

Another Monday, another meal plan.  I probably should explain that my meal plans run from Saturday to Saturday so the roast is always going to be yesterday’s dinner. 

This week I’d made a great meal plan which consisted of an easy Sausage Sunday Dinner but when I ordered my shopping the beef joints were half price at £5 a kg.  So I bought 2 big 2kg joints and we’re having that for dinner instead.  The other is going in the freezer for future.

How did I do on last week’s meal plan?

Fry Up (leftovers from Sunday roast)
Brinner (well we didn’t have it last week in the end)
Spicy chicken wraps (again, something we didn’t have last week)
Beef Curry & Rice
Chilli Con Carne & Jacket Potatoes
Pork Roast with all the trimmings.

We ate the fry up, chilli, lasagne and pork roast.  But the others I really didn’t fancy.  We had a few quick meals to be honest.  I had a rotten week with a teething baby.

This week I am planning to cook:

Beef Hotpot

Burgers & Fries

Gammon with baby potatoes & Salad

Beef Roast with all the trimmings

Mince & Tatties

Chicken Chasseur

Fry Up (Sunday’s leftovers)

I’m quite looking forward to trying a few new things… and I haven’t had hotpot in ages. 

So that’s dinner in our house.  What’s for dinner in your house this week?