My mid-year back to school shopping list

My mid-year back to school shopping list

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Currently we’re half way through our half term break.  It is passing too quickly.  I always get excited when we get to this school break because we’re half way through the school year… in my head anyway.
This break is usually the time I buy anything the kids might need.  This week there are several things on my list. 

Lego Friends Lunch Box

This super cute Lego Friends Lunch Box is Seren’s new lunch box.  Her Shopkins one broke and Enfys has pinched her Hello Kitty one for playgroup. 
It’s a solid lunch box, which means her sandwiches won’t get squashed in transit unlike in the Shopkins lunch box.  My only gripe with it is the lack of the insulation… Seren’s school is always warm and I generally cool the lunch box in the fridge overnight which keeps her food cool.  I’ll give it a go with this one too.


I know, I’m a stationery addict so why do my children need new stationery?  Well, actually, they aren’t allowed to touch my stationery.  It’s mine, allllll mine! 
This time of year I tend to go for a bulk load of stationery to hopefully see them through the rest of the school year.  This time around I have gone for the blue Pukka Stationery Set which includes everything they need.  They have it in pink too.

Teaching Aids for Macsen

I don’t home school but it is looking likely that I’m going to need to be adding things in at home for Macsen.  Particularly if he ends up at a specialist speech & language unit as I’m hopeful he will be able to return to Welsh medium education.
He’s beginning to show a real interest in clocks and telling the time.  This magnetic clock for teaching the time is perfect for him.  It’ll provide hours of entertainment I’m sure.

 Bog standard pens

Seriously, Garreth loses pens like I wish I was losing weight.  Several a week. 
No pencil case is complete without a pack of normal black ballpoint pens, just in case.

New school shoes

The kids generally have new shoes when they’ve outgrown their current pair or they are too tattered to continue wearing. 
I can guarantee that one will always need new school shoes during February half term.  This time it is Seren.  So, this week we are looking for new shoes for her.

So, this is my mid-year back to school shopping list.  Do you have anything on yours?