Five Tips to Get the Most Out of  Your Family Photoshoot

Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Family Photoshoot

Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate, or would like to include the new arrival on your family portrait, you might be thinking about a visit to your photographer’s studio, so you can commemorate the special moments, and remember how cute your kids were when you have to deal with teenage tantrums. Making the most out of family photoshoots is a challenge for most mothers. You will need to coordinate everything, and the results are not guaranteed. Below you will find some tips on how to get ready and get the best possible portraits on a budget.

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Browse Portfolios

To select the right family photographer for your family, you might want to check out different local businesses’ portfolios. Check the finish, the lighting, and the colors, and make sure you find something that resonates with your style and preferences. You will also have to check the pricing structure of the photographer, to make sure you don’t have to pay extra for prints and DVD-s.

Arrange Hairdresser Appointments

Once you have selected the photography studio or mobile photographer, you will be able to book yourself and your family members in for a hairdo. It is always best to get the kids’ haircut done first, as they can get moody, and might take longer to get used to it than you. Find a family-friendly hairdresser, or a mobile stylist, if your kids are nervous about going to the salon.

Get a Friend to Do the Makeup

If you want to save money on professional makeup, you can get a friend to do it. We all know that one person whose lipstick color is always perfect, and every hair on their head is in place. That person will probably feel valued if you ask them to do your makeup for the family photo, and they can later take credit in front of your friends for the quality of images.

Pick Your Clothes Early

One of the hardest things will be choosing the right clothes for everyone and matching the styles and colors. Check out Nicki’s for inspiration, and find the right style that resonates with your theme and family. It is important to have backup outfits if you have smaller kids, as they have a habit of making a mess of their clothes right before the photoshoot.

Choose a Theme

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Once you have the outfits and the hairdresser appointments sorted, you might want to choose a theme for your photo. It might be about the new arrival, everyone standing around, or a truly traditional family photo. From a bold family portrait to one representing family values and ties, you can get creative with your portrait theme and create a truly unique and meaningful image.

Whether you are celebrating the arrival of a new family member, or want to commemorate a special event in your family, such as going to nursery or Holy Communion, you will have to start planning as soon as possible. Choose your photographer, outfit, looks, and theme, and you will be able to capture the happiness and togetherness your way.