It’s #FeelGoodLinky Time! February 2018

It’s #FeelGoodLinky Time! February 2018

Today we are saying goodbye to February.  It’s been a horrendous month for me but I’m here ready for the #FeelGoodLinky and ready to confess my sins.

How was February for me?


I’m ending February not actually losing any weight.  I weighed at the middle of the month and had gained a (not so) wonderful 5lb.  Two days later my period arrived and I’ve been too afraid to stand on the scales since.  I sucked it up this morning and weighed in at the same I weighed this time last month. 


I’ve had an okay-ish food month.  I’ve had a major sweet tooth during the two week period (which really doesn’t help with staying the same).  I am making an effort to make more healthy food choices.

I have managed to stay under 2000 calories quite easily most days but we had a takeaway a few times which took me over my limit.


I’ve done well with my water intake.  There have been a few days I’ve made my goal but most days I’ve just been close to target.


I love using the FitBit to track my movements.  Last week I made it out on 2 walks.  One was around 3 miles along the coastal path, the other was to the Castle (around 2 miles).

I’m averaging around 8000 steps a day still.


Me and sleep still aren’t getting on well.  I’m going to bed early most nights but I’m really restless.  Saturday night, I woke up a 4.50am and couldn’t get back to sleep… much to my annoyance.  I had slept for just 4 hours and 51 minutes.


My resting heart rate seems to have lowered over the last month.  I’m resting at 66bpm although my heart health is still around 24-28.  I don’t suppose it’s going to increase much until I start getting fitter.

Now, I’m handing it over to you!  Link up all your health, fitness and weight loss posts underneath.

The link up is open until 23.55pm on 31st March.