Day Zero Project – February 2018 Update

Day Zero Project – February 2018 Update

The last Sunday of every month is dedicated to my Day Zero Project and the progress I’m making through the list.

You can find my complete list of goals here

Since the start of my challenge on the 9th November 2017, I have completed 3 goals.  I have started on 26 goals. 

The goals I have completed are:

  1. Open a regular saver account.
  2. Walk the coastal path.
  3. Write list for 101 in 1001.

The goals I have started working on but not yet completed are:

Cook 52 new recipes

(2/52) Millionaires Shortbread & Beef Bourgninon Stew

Write on my blog consistently

I think I’m achieving that, don’t you?

Monetise my blog

I’ve started popping adverts here and there and the occasional paid for post. Nothing huge though.

Improve my newsletter

There are some HUGE and SUPER EXCITING changes coming to the newsletter so quick sign up here.

Develop my niche.

Ok, so there’s nothing major here really but I think I’m finding out where I want Beth in a Box to go.

Grow my following on Social Media.

This is going to be a very long process but each new follower I gain is celebrated at the moment.

Update my Day Zero Project progress every month.

I updated my progress in January and this is the February one so yes… I’m updating every month.

Narrow down tags/categories.

I’m almost there with this one. I’ve spent a lot of time working out which ones I don’t want anymore.  Beth in a Box is definitely more streamlined.

Delete irrelevant content from the site.

I’ve started getting rid of unattached images. I’ve deleted posts that are, let’s face it, less than worthy to be here.

Check for broken links once a month.

I’ve actually started checking for broken links more frequently than once a month. It’s sort of a weekly thing at the moment.

Keep up with the Feel Good Linky.

I’m ready to post February’s link up on Wednesday so be sure to check back then.

Pay off 75% of our debt.

I can’t tell you how much we’ve paid off exactly but every month we pay more off!

Put £10 away for each completed goal.

I’ve completed 3 goals so have £30 in my savings.

Improve my credit score.

My credit score continues to rise every month.

Put an extra £50 a month towards debt.

I’ve been putting the £50 towards the highest interest debt.

52 days out with the kids.

2/52 – We’ve been to Caldicot Castle and the walk along the coastal path.

Lose 3st

6lb lost – I won’t be weighing until Wednesday morning as that is when my Feel Good Linky will be posted.

Read 52 books

16/52 – I have read a lot of books – see The Book Shelf

Watch 52 movies I haven’t seen before.

5/52 – Coco, Final Destination 5, Jumanji, Wonder, My Little Pony: The Movie

Have a hernia repair.

Happening around September 2018. More about this in another post.

Complete 101 in 1001.

The fact I’m even writing this post speaks for itself.

Play a board game at least once a month.

We’ve played a fair few board games.

Create and edit more videos with Garreth.

There’s a new one coming soon.

Sing songs with Macsen, Enfys and Anwen!

This has to be the most fun goal I have. We sing and dance at least once a day. I’ve also succeeded in entering Enfys’ world through music.

Surprise the kids once a month.

3 – I can’t remember the first surprise but the second was telling the kids we are going on holiday this year. The third was that we were going to the park but actually went for a walk along the coastal path.

Complete 52 random acts of kindness.

1 – Sending a package to Ronald McDonald House in Cardiff for Christmas.