The Book Shelf – In January I read…

The Book Shelf – In January I read…

January was a busy month for reading.  I read the grand total of 12 books. 

According to GoodReads that is 3843 pages.  Wow!!!

I have read:

    1. The Angels of Lovely Lane – Nadine Dorries (2nd Jan)
    2. The Children of Lovely Lane – Nadine Dorries (3rd Jan)
    3. The Mothers of Lovely Lane – Nadine Dorries (5th Jan)
    4. Christmas Angels – Nadine Dorries (6th Jan)
    5. Murder in the Village – Faith Martin (8th Jan)
    6. Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?: A Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery – Kathryn McMaster (10th Jan)
    7. Three Times Removed – M.K.Jones (13th Jan)
    8. Line of Descent – M.K.Jones (14th Jan)
    9. Murder in the Family – Faith Martin (17th Jan)
    10. Murder at Home – Faith Martin (21st Jan)
    11. Murder in the Meadow – Faith Martin (25th Jan)
    12. The Hostage of Glenorchy – Kristin Gleeson (30th Jan)

Currently, I am reading The Mists of Glen Strae by Kristin Gleeson.  It is the second in the series after The Hostage of Glenorchy. 

I set myself a challenge of reading 52 books in 2018.  I’m currently 8 books ahead of schedule and I’m now hoping to read a few more than 52. I wonder if 60 would be possible?

So, then, tell me what books, if any, you read in January.  Feel free to link up any book reviews, book related posts below and I’ll come along and take a look.  Please comment on the two linked posts before yours.  Thank you.