Anwen is 9 months

Anwen is 9 months

I haven’t updated on Anwen’s progress for 3 months… I’m not even sure where these 3 months have gone.  In a whirlwind of craziness.

She has changed so much and settled now.  More and more of her personality shines through each day.

So how do things currently stand?


Weight:  Anwen is still overweight.  I don’t pay too much attention to how much she actually weighs but I do know that she does now weigh quite a bit more than Enfys.
Clothing Size: We are still in 9-12… just.  It won’t be long before we make the switch to 12-18.  Anwen does wear 18-24 month vests because they just seem more comfortable for her.
Shoe Size:  Still no shoes here.
Nappy Size: Still in 5.  Will be for a while longer yet.
Teeth: She has a lot of sharp gnashers that draw blood when she clamps her jaw down.  Note to self, DO NOT, under any circumstances, put your finger in her mouth.

Favourite Things

Music: Anwen adores music.  We’ve recently added an Echo to our house.  She looks straight at it when we say “Alexa” and waits for the music to start.
Attention: She still loves attention.  As long as someone says “hiya” to her she is happy.
Being carried:  I’ve recently hired a beautiful Wompat carrier from It’s a Sling Thing.  Anwen loves it.  She’s happy on my back preparing dinner while listening to Alanis Morrissett.  
Food: She likes to eat.  No-ones food is safe while Anwen is around.


Silence: Yep, she still hates silence. 
Being alone:  She screams blue murder when she’s left alone in a room.  She watches me leave then turns on the water works.


Bedtime: She’s always asleep by 7pm.
Wake Time:  Generally around the 7am mark. 
Naps: 1x 20 minute after breakfast, the a longer sleep around 2pm for around 60-90 minutes.


Bottles:  Anwen has 3 8oz bottles a day.  1 on waking, 1 before bedtime and a dream feed around 9.30pm.  We’ve tried to drop this one but we end up awake in the wee hours.
Food: Anwen has 3 full meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner with plenty of snacks.

Exciting things this month

Baby-led feeding: Anwen has realised that finger foods are fun.  She first discovered it by pinching Enfys’ chocolate chip brioche.  She wolfed the whole thing down.
Crawling: Anwen is almost crawling.  But she’s struggling to get her left leg out of her way.
Speech: Anwen says “Hiya” and waves.