An Organised Life – Let’s Talk Planners

An Organised Life – Let’s Talk Planners

I am a self-confessed stationery addict.  I am completely obsessed with lists, sticky notes, sticky tabs, pens, diaries, planners, paper…, well anything that can be defined as stationery.  No matter how loosely.

I’ve tried so many planners and diaries from plain and basic ones right through to completely comprehensive life planners but I’ve never been truly happy with any of them.  They just haven’t offered me EVERYTHING I need to effectively organise my life.

I love the idea of Bullet Journals, however, I am not an artist.  Seeing the incredibly beautiful works of art from the BuJo community left me feeling embarrassed about my poor attempt at creating one.  It lasted 2 weeks.

In the New Year, I was feeling less than inspired by my BusyB 17 month diary because it didn’t give me the freedom nor organisation I craved.  Integrating both my personal life and blog life into it was difficult.

Then the inspiration hit me.  I could create my own. 

As I’ve already said, I’m not an artist… I’m not really all that creative either but I wanted to try my hand at creating my very own perfect planner.

I bit the bullet and acquired a really beautiful Kikki K planner.  The large size because it uses A5 inserts which gives me enough space to plan everything I need.  It is really really beautiful.

When it arrived I still felt it didn’t offer me everything I wanted.  While the styling of the pages is beautiful, they weren’t what I needed.  I don’t write birthdays or contacts down on paper so those pages were unnecessary and took up valuable space.

I spent a whole Saturday browsing printables on Etsy that I may be able to use, then putting it all together in an order that suits me.

Now, I’m going to introduce you to my perfect planner (well, almost perfect!).

Month View

I kept onto the Kikki K month to view calendar.  It’s pretty and effective.  I use it to jot down my personal events so I can see quickly which days are free. 
This works well for me.  When I get a letter about an appointment or a phone call, I don’t have to scroll through weeks, just months.

Week View

My week to view is where I add both personal events so I can focus in on that week and blog stuff (such as deadlines).  I also plan my meals on these pages and write my shopping list.
I removed the Kikki K weekly planner because I didn’t really like the layout. 
My current setup is working, although I think the pages just need tweaking slightly, so I’ll be in the market for a new printable when I run out of these pages towards the end of the year.

Daily View

Now, currently I am using Daily Planner pages with time schedule.  I thought they would be a good idea… However, since starting to use them, I’ve realised what I actually need is a daily to do list.  Just for blog stuff.
I’ve simply just turned the time slots into check boxes and I’ll continue using them until I run out.

Master to do lists

These contain things that I think of that are more longer term than the daily view. 
I add tasks that don’t have to be done on a daily basis.  Write now, my to do list contains things like sort categories, resize existing images that are too large, delete irrelevant content and the like.  They also have some personal tasks that aren’t in any way related to my blog.


I’m using the original Kikki K expenses inserts because they have everything I need to keep track of any income and expenses for the blog.
I’ll probably make my own basic ones when I run out. 

Random things

This section currently contains link up information and books I’ve read.  Although they are basic and just in list format at the moment.  There’s plenty of time to add more to it though.


Pretty self explanatory really.  Currently the notes pages are Kikki K inserts but will probably change as time goes on and I run out.

An A5 notepad

The really great thing about my planner is there’s no limit to what I can use it for.  There’s a Kikki K A5 notepad at the back that I use to jot down post ideas in list form. 

As my planner evolves I’ll be sharing the changes and offering up my own free printables that I make as I’m going along.

How do you organise your life?