Smile Like You Mean It!

Smile Like You Mean It!



A smile can say so much about a person. If it comes easily, reaches the eyes and leaves it’s marks, you know that they are happy, genuine people who looks for the laughter in life. If it’s a struggle to twist the corner of the lip, then it says the exact opposite. And then there are people who try and hide their smiles – they might belong to either group, but they do whatever they can to keep those lips pressed together. Looks are not everything, but we all know what it feels like to feel insecure about something, and it can have a detrimental effect on their confidence and mental health. A smile isn’t something that can be hidden easily, and so it can have an even bigger effect on people who are insecure about it. Teeth are easy to maintain, and there are many things a person can do to rectify any issues they have.

Brush Less

There are a lot of people who think that brushing their teeth multiple times through the day will keep their teeth looking white. But, in actual fact, the more you brush, the more you break down the teeth’s natural amour – the enamel, which is what makes the tooth appear smooth and white. Underneath, the bone is yellowish. Brushing twice a day is what is recommended. And only brush more if you eat or drink anything particularly sugary.

No Sugar

Speaking of sugar – it’s time to cut it out. Sugar is the mortal enemy of your teeth – and not just the stuff found in sweets and chocolate but also the natural sugars in fruit. Everything in moderation is fine, but excessive exposure will break down both your teeth and gums. If you can’t give up fizzy drinks, then drink them, and high-citrus drinks, through a straw. Switch your gum to sugar-free.


Drink your milk ‘to grow strong bones’ is something you will have heard when growing up, and it’s true – even as adults. Making sure that your body is getting the right amount of calcium is so important, and so easy. A glass of milk a day is perfect, but for those who can’t digest dairy, you might have to look into taking a supplement each day.

Check Ups

All dentists will tell you to visit for a check up once a year. And it would be stupid to ignore that advice. If your doctor told you to come in every March you would, so why would a call from Invisalign dentists be any different? And the same as going to the doctor’s if you have a concern, make an appointment and have it checked out.


Braces have become more a part of growing up than a necessary procedure. They are so common place that the stigma behind having them is pretty much non-existent. And it’s not just adolescents that are benefiting from braces, with hidden braces coming into play, more and more adults are getting them. In the past, you wouldn’t be given braces unless you medically needed them, but so many people now use them to fix an insecurity that has been holding them back for years.