The Organised Life Project: A Step By Step Guide to Organising Your Entire Life

The Organised Life Project: A Step By Step Guide to Organising Your Entire Life

Towards the end of last year I agreed to review Naomi Lynas’ brand new guide, The Organised Life Project.  It is essentially a step by step guide to organising your entire life… really, it is!

The Organised Life Project: A Step by Step Guide to Organising your Entire Life is something I aspire to.  I’ve spent the last few years attempting to organise my life and inevitably fail at one hurdle or another. 

Reading through Naomi’s project it is clear to see that the reason I fail is because I don’t have a system.  I don’t concentrate on the right things at the right time. I pick a random place and start there instead of systematically working through my home and life.

What Naomi says about the project!

Can you really organise your entire life in a year? In 2016, I did just that. Taking one focus per month, with a series of small tasks, I organised my home, my family and myself. In this book, you can do exactly the same. Take control of the things that overwhelm you. Find time to do the things you really love. Establish smooth, efficient routines so that you can actually enjoy the time you have with your family. Stop things becoming a chore.

Over the last year, I’ve shared my strategies with others, and have seen them slowly take control and transform their lives. You can do this too. Take control of your home, through decluttering, organising and maintenance. Take control of yourself, with exercise, self-care, spirituality and a capsule wardrobe. Take control of how smoothly your family works, by creating great memories and actually enjoying them.

The Organised Life Project is a month-by-month series of challenges and tasks. Each month has a different focus, with various routes through the project according to your situation. Each task is short and manageable and can easily be fitted into your day. Unlike books on decluttering, The Organised Life Project looks at every single aspect of your life – from meal planning to marriage to memories. Get back in control of your life today.

What I think of The Organised Life Project!

I love the structure of The Organised Life Project.  It’s arranged in such a way that you really do get around to everything in 12 months.  I also love that I don’t need to necessarily start in January but can pick up midway through the year and if I miss a month… I can pick it up at a later date.  It can also be done in pretty much any order I fancy. 

The monthly tasks/challenges can all be placed into three categories: Home, Family and Yourself.

Technically, I haven’t actually begun the project yet, but I’m always on a mission to declutter. 

Join me in February for the beginning of my Organised Life Project.  A few days and counting.

Where can you get yourself a copy?

If you want to give organising your life a go, you can buy The Organised Life Project from Amazon by clicking the image below.  (It is an affiliate link and I may earn a few pennies from your purchase.)