What To Do If You Need Extra Money

What To Do If You Need Extra Money

Image Credit: Pexels

There are often times in life when you need some extra money. You might suddenly need to replace your broken fridge or car, or perhaps you need money to help you children through a difficult part of their lives or any number of other reasons. How you get that money can vary from person to person or situation to situation, but here are three that you can always rely on.

Sell Your Things

Everyone has things that are worth money. It might be old electricals, new electricals or a collection of bottle caps or goodness knows what else. If you need some money to buy something, then you should consider selling items that you don’t use. They are just taking up space in your home anyway, so you might as well sell them, afford that thing you need and clear some space at the same time. If you have kids, then you could get them to go through their old toys and any that are in a good enough quality you could try to sell. You can sell items through sites like eBay, but they take a small cut of the final sale price, so that might not be ideal. Instead, you could list your items on places like Facebook Groups or Craigslist. They don’t charge a fee like eBay, but it can be more difficult for you items to sell. You need to weight the benefits of using each, but you could always use a mixture of them all to see which produces the best result.


If you need money to buy a new car or something of this calibre, then getting a loan is probably the best idea. You can get car finance, and this means that you will only need to pay for your car in monthly instalments. Another option is something like what Evolution Money offer, which is a secure loan for people who have a poor credit score. If that sounds like you, then you might get turned away for car finance, or this might be a better option for your specific situation. Either way, getting a loan could fix your problem. It might be a short-term or a long term loan depending on the amount of money borrowed and how long you want to pay it off for.

Extra Work

This is probably an unpopular choice, but if you need more money, then one option is to work more. This might mean working overtime or picking up additional shifts, or it might mean looking into getting a second job. There are a lot of part-time jobs in retail that are only evenings or weekends, so if you need additional cash, then this could be a good idea. Alternatively, if you are a professional in a given field, then you could look to pick up some freelance work. Using sites like PeoplePerHour you can offer your skills in anything from admin to photography and earn money doing the occasional job. This can be great if you only need the income for the time being as you can take on jobs as and when you need them.