You often stumble upon people complaining about things such as dinner conversation, how it is a dead art and people need to learn to get off their phones for one moment and actually learn how to spend time with each other face to face. While those claims are not exactly baseless, the epidemic of looking down at your phone during dates and family dinners alike has spread all over the globe; there are more important things at hand which are suffering from the same kinds of problems. People often feel alienated by those closest to them, their wives, husbands and children often seem somewhat distant making it hard to keep up those priceless family relations which can help keep a family together for much longer than just until your kid celebrates their 18th birthday. Family life is starting to be a lost art, but we should not stand for it, if you need some ideas or inspiration as to what you can do to start rebuilding those waning bonds between you and your closest ones, then keep reading.

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Family activities

What brings people together more than spending time together? Not much, that’s the point. If you wish to get your family more involved, whether it’s your significant other or parents or children, you need to find some common ground. In this case, that common ground is something you can all participate in together, which will allow you to bond over random things and give opportunities to actually talk and interact. Of course, it might be hard to find something which everyone is interested in, but there must be at least something universal enough to get everyone on board. Movie night has been a family favourite for decades, regardless whether it’s at home on the sofa or at the cinema. The silver screen is one of the few things bridging the generation gap for several generations now, making it a pretty safe bet. Another thing which is almost certain to work is taking a day off for some minor family travelling. Traveling always fills us with that sense of adventure we miss in everyday life and going somewhere outside of your town is sure to present things in a new light.

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Heart is where the home is

No, you didn’t read that wrong. People often underestimate the importance of a home in which everyone feels at ease and ready to rest. Unless you have a homely and comfy home atmosphere in your house, chances are the post-work or post-school stress and tension doesn’t go anywhere even if you’re back home, and we all know people are usually most willing to open up whenever they are relaxed. Of course, easier said than done, but with a few improvements here and there and some quick furniture shopping on sites such as Danetti, you should be good to go. As we all know, like many things in life, setting the right atmosphere is all about the little things. Something as minuscule as new lighting or even just different light bulbs for your existing lights can work wonders. There is a lot you can do, so if you feel like delving deeper into some of them, feel free to read this handy article which goes through a few ways in which you add more homeyness to your house.