4 Simple Things That Will Make Your Bedroom A Haven

4 Simple Things That Will Make Your Bedroom A Haven

We all have days where all we can think about is counting off the hours until we have the chance to get back into bed. The cause might just be a rough day at work, or a lack of sleep the night before, but the feeling is always the same: you wish you were in your bedroom, relaxing, with no extraneous thoughts in your mind.

It makes sense, then, for your bedroom to be a haven; the most welcoming room in your home; somewhere you can retreat to when you need a pick-me-up. If you introduce the four items below into your bedroom, then the perfect haven will await you every night…

1) Flameless candles

Candles are beautiful and give a room a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, but the requirement for them to be set alight can be problematic if you drift off to sleep while they’re lit.

Banish this possibility by switching to flameless candles. Most flameless candles are powered by batteries, though you can find some that plug into the mains. These candles produce the same flickering effect and warm light of standard candles, but without the need for concern about possible fires if you fall asleep while they are in use.

2) A luxury mattress

If you invest in a luxury choice like a Hypnos mattress or similar, you’ll never regret it. You can collapse into bed at the end of a long day and be welcomed by a mattress that offers the perfect luxury touch to your bedroom haven. The mattress is one of the more important items in your bedroom, so if you’re going to invest in just one area, this is the one that you should choose.

3) An essential oil diffuser

Fragrance is inherently linked to mood, so using essential oils can help you relax and feel a sense of contentment no matter how stressful your day has been. A diffuser is a better choice than a burner, thanks to the lack of flame, and you can even buy colour-changing options that serve as a functional ornament.

When you have the diffuser, you’ll need essential oils to use in it; lavender, patchouli, and clary sage will all help you decompress and unwind. In the morning, switch to citrus scents such as lemon or orange, as these can provide a much-needed energy boost that will put a spring in your step from the moment you wake up.

4) Soft textiles

If the above seems rather vague, that’s because it’s encompassing a huge range of bedroom textiles you may want to consider. As well as investing in the usual bedding and duvet covers, you may also want to indulge in a luxury-feeling rug or soft fleece throw. Our sense of touch is heightened when we’re anxious or stressed, so you will appreciate being surrounded by softness if you’re in need of a little comfort.

In Conclusion

If you want your bedroom to be the perfect haven where you feel safe and protected from the stresses of the world, the above investments will help you achieve this– and they’ll look and feel fabulous, too.