Subtle Strategies To Help Grandparents Stay Healthy

Subtle Strategies To Help Grandparents Stay Healthy

Grandparents are a vital part of any child’s life, and you want them to be around for as long as possible. However, approaching this in a direct manner isn’t always the best way, as it can be at best uncomfortable, and at worse be met with resistance. After all, no one likes being told what to do by their kids do they? That is why it can be better to approach this issue subtly by suggesting some of the strategies below.

Suggest they help the kids get active

One subtle but effective way of healing the grandparents in your family to stay healthy is to get them to help out with the kid’s exercise and activity.

As a parent you will know that the little ones are often full of beans and can run around, or ride their bike for hours without a break, so why not get grandma and grandad to help out with this? Then they get some exercise, without really seeing it as such, and you get some time where you don’t have to wrangle the kids for a bit and keep up with everything they do. Everybody wins!

Help grandma and grandpa stay healthy and happy. Picture source

Suggest they take supplements

Another subtle suggestion that you might like to make to the grandparents in your family is that they could start to take some nutritional supplements.

The benefits of these are that they are easy to get a hold of, and simple to take with most of them being in the form of capsules. There are all sorts on the market from calcium that can help to improve bone density, to victim C that can boost elder immune systems and protect them from getting sick.

Suggest they have some respite care

Something else you may like to suggest, especially if the grandparents in your family are struggling with their health, or need to have an operation is some short-term, or respite care. This is when they stay in a residential care home for a short space of time, to allow them to recover and regain their strength.

While this may be met with initial hesitancy, there are so many wonderful places like Porthaven care homes out there with caring staff, that once they get to have a look around, they will probably feel a lot better about it. Combine this with the fact they will be receiving the best medical care possible, giving them the chance to recover quickly and get back to their normal life and it shouldn’t be too controversial a proposal.

Suggest they get some help around the home

This is a big one for a lot of seniors as their home is their own private domain, and admitting that it is getting too much for them can be very sensitive.

However, it can be very beneficial for them to have someone to assist with basic jobs like shopping and cleaning if they are struggling, making it something that is definitely worth discussing with them. In addition, the company that the people helping can provide can also be a great advantage, especially for elders that are isolated or housebound for much of the time, so don’t be put off if they seem unimpressed at the first suggestion.