Have a Special Time in Sumatra

Have a Special Time in Sumatra

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If you’re thinking about planning an overseas holiday anytime soon, then you should definitely consider the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It might not be the first place that springs to mind when you’re thinking of a family b holiday, but it really is a pretty special place, and it certainly has something to offer everyone, especially animal lovers who will be delighted by the many tigers, elephants and orangutans who reside there!

If you’re not sold on Sumatra, check out these very special reasons why you should at least have it on your radar:

It’s Affordable

The most expensive thing about visiting Sumatra is likely to be the flights, and you can get pretty good deals on those if you play it smart. As you can see at https://rumahdijual.com/medan/apartemen accommodation isn’t likely to break the bank, and you can see from http://www.budgetyourtrip.com/indonesia that the cost of living is generally pretty low. So, if you’re travelling with your family in tow, it’s a pretty good place to get more bang for your buck and still have an amazing time too.

The Place is Brimming with Culture

You might not think that a small Indonesian island would be the place to go for culture, but if you take the opportunity to spend some time in Medan, you will be proven wrong. Not only is Medan a sprawling city filled with delightful restaurants, but it’s also home to lots of enriching attractions like Istana Maimun, which is home to Indonesia’s Sultan and a great place to learn about the royal family over there. Then, there’s the Tjong Fie Mansion and Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery, which is a must-see for nature lovers. If you do go to Sumatra, please do not neglect to visit Medan, or even better, stay there for a day or two.

Be Amazed by Lake Toba

Lake Toba is pretty much Sumatra’s biggest and best attraction. The lake is purported to be the biggest crater lake of it’s like in the world, and it is believed that it was created by a huge volcanic eruption in the region. Legend has it that it was a magic fish who made a wish that set the chain of events leading to its creation in motion. However it was created, Lake Toba is a wonderful place to take a boat ride – I mean you’re actually floating inside a volcano!

Visit Samosir

While you’re at Lake Toba, you’ll probably want to pay a visit to the main island of Samosir, where visitors are able to get to know the locals at a cultural village where they can also learn how to weave Indonesian style and visit traditional wooden Batak houses.

Visit the Bukit Lawang Village

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Bukit Lawang is another popular tourist trap, but don’t let that put you off if crowds aren’t your thing because it’s still pretty low-key, and because it’s right on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park, it is home to vast areas of protected jungle where you can see orangutans swinging through the trees and marvel at the local, and very exotic flora as you hike, camp and just enjoy the simple sounds of the rainforest. It’s a stunningly beautiful place to be!

Eat Amazing Food at Padang

Padang, unlike Bukit Lawang, isn’t particularly popular with tourists, but if you and your family do go to Sumatra, you won’t want to miss out on a trip there., Why? Because the food is simply amazing. If you like rice and perfectly balanced curries made using the freshest of ingredients, you’ll be in hogs heaven as you hit up the restaurants and street vendors here.

Become a Cave Explorer for a Day

If you do head to Bukit Lawang, take the time to look for the Gua Kampret cave or its brothers and sisters, which aren’t too far away and take the time to explore them. In English, the cave will be sign-posted as the ‘bat cave so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find, and it’s well worth doing because, despite the rather whiffy aroma of guano you’ll experience, you’ll also get to see bats, swallows, and even more exotic birds nesting within the dark caves, and you’ll feel like Indiana Jones for a little while, at least!

Watch the Sunrise at Mount Sibayak

Mount Sibayak is just located in the town of Berastagi and is technically a small volcano rather than a mountain, but that doesn’t really matter. What’s important is the breathtaking view you get when you reach the top, and the best time to see those views is undoubtedly at sunrise when the whole area just looks amazing. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a little steam coming out of the volcano, which is still active!

Relax in a Hot Spring

On the subject of Mount Sibayak, once you’ve finished appreciating the sunrise, climb back down to the base where you’ll find a hot spring that’s perfect for warming yourself up after being exposed to the cold mountain air. You’ll certainly feel a whole lot more relaxed after a short while in the thermal waters.

Explore the Mentawai Islands

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The Mentai Islands consist of no less than 70 tiny islands just off the Padang coast. So, when you’ve finished eating, get on a boat and head over to them if you want to get your surf on because they are pretty much the perfect place to ride the waves.

Visit the Tsunami Museum at Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh is sadly well-known as being terribly affected by the awful tsunami that hit the region back in 2004. It is know home to an interesting and pretty poignant museum to mark the event, and although not all of the province has been repaired, it’s looking a lot better. It’s one of those places that you should make an effort to see while you’re in the area.

Quite simply, Sumatra is one special place and any family is sure to have a great time there!