Serious About Decluttering Your Home? The Tips To Get You Started

Serious About Decluttering Your Home? The Tips To Get You Started

Life can often take over at some pace, that we can become complacent with certain aspects of our lives. One, in particular, can be the home and keeping on top of the general jobs that always need doing. Ironing, tidying up and cleaning, because let’s face it no one enjoys scrubbing the bathroom, can be very low on the priority list when you have so much more to be thinking about. However, one job people have on their list that often doesn’t get prioritised is decluttering, but this can have a real positive impact on your home and even your mindset. I wanted to share with you some of the tips to get you started with decluttering if you find yourself wanting to make it more of a priority.

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Think of the extra money you could make

There is money to be made in some of the things you no longer have use for, and often taking the time to list your clutter on websites like eBay or applications like Sphock can really help to increase your disposable income. Just because you no longer love it or have a use for it, there is nothing to say that someone else might not need it or live it just as much. Take the time to list your items and research what some of them are selling for. Obviously, not everything will have a value, but you could be hoarding a goldmine.

If you want to keep it, why not store it better?

You may still love some of the ornaments you have on display, the family pictures you have, or even just some of the older clothing items you children have grown out of. Those are just some of the examples of things that hold more memories and while you don’t want to throw it away or sell it, you may still want to keep it. This is when innovative storage solutions for your living room or spare bedrooms could help to improve how your home looks. Keeping things out on display or not stored correctly can make your home feel more cluttered and messy. Giving them a place can help to restore some order.

Maybe start of with bite sized chunks

I get it. You decide you want to declutter your home but you take one look at it and run for the hills. So many people feel overwhelmed by the task and simply just don’t know where to start. This is when starting with bite sized chunks such as five minutes a day, could help you to overcome the task gradually.

Focus on one room or area at a time

Finally, just focusing on one room at a time could be the best decision you make. This will help keep you motivated as you will be able to see the difference your efforts are making and potentially, how great the rest of your house can look. Maybe start with some of the smaller rooms in your home first so that you don’t feel to overwhelmed by the task.

I hope that these tips help you get started with decluttering.