Preparing Your Children For School And How You Can Do It

Preparing Your Children For School And How You Can Do It

If your kids are still a year or two away from starting school, then now is the perfect time for you to give them a head start towards their academic careers. Education is so important. At the age of three, your little one will be like a sponge. They will be able to soak up and understand so much information. There are plenty of ways you can make the most of this unique time in his life. Why not try some simple games to give your little one a head start?

Kids naturally want to please you. So when they try something new, give them a big smile and lots of cheers. They will then keep repeating all those things that made you happy. It’s a great way to get them into counting and learning their alphabet. Even if they get it wrong, show them how pleased you are that they are trying. It will encourage them.

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Counting to ten may be something your child can do easily already. They may even be able to recognise each of the numbers. How about introduce dice? It’s fun to roll oversized dice and count up the dots. Maybe you can jump on the spot that many times, or bang on the tambourine. Perhaps you can use them to start counting up to 12?

Once your little one is comfortable with the number 12, you can start introducing clocks. This can be particularly handy if your child is keen to get up too early in the morning! Your child may have spotted older siblings wearing watches. This could get them interested in how the watch works, and how they can figure out the time.

It’s fair to say that technology is really advancing and we are now seeing a  number of smartphone and tablet applications to help younger children develop. Some are educational, some are entertaining, but it is also important to know what Safe App for Childrens education are out there on the market and what might be best for your little one. Just keep the amount of time to a minimum to ensure that they don’t become to preoccupied with tablets at this age.

You may still be a fair way away from reading whole words. But there may be several letters of the alphabet that your little one has learned to recognise. He may even be reciting the alphabet! You can encourage this further by helping him sound out the letters in words you find on everyday packaging. It’s important he can begin to recognise his name too.

Learning to hold a pencil or crayon correctly will give him more control over its movements. You might be able to help him draw circles and lines. Soon a couple of letters or numbers can be formed. Cut up some letter cards and pop them in a bag. Your child can pull one out and try to name it and draw it. You may only get through two or three before it’s time for a new game, but valuable lessons can be learned.

It’s also just as important to do physical things like going out in the rain and jumping in puddles, or even just using playing outside a s chance to learn about nature, or using different props for things like numbers and new words. I hope this has given you some ideas on different steps you can take to prepare your children for school.