Enfys’ Big Adventure – 5 scary things about playgroup

Enfys’ Big Adventure – 5 scary things about playgroup

Last Tuesday I dropped Enfys off at playgroup for the very first time.  It’s a big adventure for any child but for Enfys it’s something we thought, at one point, would be impossible.  We didn’t know if she would be able to live a normal life.  We didn’t know if she would even get this far at some points. 

She fought, and it’s that fight that has brought us to this point.  The point where I can say, she lives an amazingly full life. 

As much as this has been an exciting step in her life, the thought of her attending playgroup scares me. Why though?

The threat of illnesses is increased

Enfys’ weakened immune system means that she is more susceptible to catching viruses and illnesses in general.  Her body can’t fight them off as effectively as other children.  Up until now, she’s lead a pretty sheltered life.  She has only really had contact with the bugs and germs that come into our house with the other children and I do my best to keep her as safe as possible from them. Being around other children means that she’s potentially being exposed to more. 

I rarely leave her with anyone

I’m the one who just ‘gets’ her.  I know her likes, dislikes and fears.  If she is happy, I know.  She knows she can have a cwtch from me if she is feeling sad.  I know her favourite songs and how to make her laugh.  

She has more specific needs than most children

Enfys doesn’t talk, she is only just starting to walk and she is very quiet.  She is globally delayed which means she needs more care than most other 2 year olds.  I worry that her needs won’t be met by others.  Which is the reason for the previous point if I am honest.  I needn’t have worried about this though.  Her needs are very well cared for. 

She will be difficult

I suppose this one is also related to the two above.  A child with extra needs isn’t necessarily easy – in fact, a lot of the time it’s damn hard.  What if the playgroup find it hard?  What if her stubborn side comes out?  What if she cries the entire time she is there?  All of these fears are completely unfounded.  The small group means that the ratio of adults to children are great.  😀  She has gone off to play each time and they have commented on how wonderful she is to have around. 🙂

A toddler wearing a pink top sleeping

She won’t miss me

Ok, this one is really selfish.  Up until now, I’ve been her primary carer.  I have been her world (with the exception of the rest of our family) and I’m scared I have to relinquish this.  To be honest, I would rather her be happy and not miss me but there’s that little part of me that would have liked a goodbye cwtch and kiss. 

Enfys’ first two sessions at playgroup were a dream.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was even better because she had her big brother, Macsen, there to look after her.  This week she will be going again so let’s see what it brings. 🙂