Christmas Gift Guide – My Ollie and Leila Wish List

Christmas Gift Guide – My Ollie and Leila Wish List

In the new year we are going to begin the process of changing rooms.  Me and Jim are moving into the small box room so the 3 girls can have the big bedroom.  I’m super excited about it.  The boys room is lime green and bright orange with lots of bedroom furniture in bold co-ordinating colours, it was fun to paint but kind of reminds me of those orange and green Tic Tacs you used to get.  (Can you still get those?)  I’m excited about the girls room because we have decided on white furniture with splashes of delicate colours.

I’ve been having a rummage around (why haven’t I heard of them before?) for ideas for the girls room and I’ve come up with a rather extensive wish list of bedroom furniture but also a few extra pretties that I think Seren, in particular, will love. 

Classic Cream Teepee (£149.99)

This is just beautiful.  Seren loves to snuggle with her books in a quiet corner and it will be amazing to create her very own cozy reading corner teepee complete with comfy cushions.  It would also be a great place for Enfys to develop her imagination and play ‘house’ with. 

Star Friendship Bracelet (£39)

Ok, so technically this one isn’t about creating a beautiful space in the girls bedroom but I just know Seren would love it.  She’s my polar opposite and loves jewellery and really, anything girly.  It is sterling silver and embellished with micro-pave cubic zirconia stones for everyday sparkle.  It would be her number one go to piece of jewellery.

Reversible Blue Nordic Single Duvet Set (£32)

I love pretty bed covers for the girls but I do get tired of all the pinks and lilacs.  This duvet set is a refreshing change with woodland animals on the one side and blue and grey geometric design on the other.  It will make a fabulous addition to the girls rooms and means we can co-ordinate the bed making!

There’s so much more on my Ollie and Leila wish list but this would be a great start to a beautiful bedroom for my girls.  🙂

This is a collaborative post with Ollie and Leila, however, these items really are on my wish list (as is half of the Ollie and Leila website) and I really can’t wait to start designing a dream bedroom for the girls! 😀