Christmas Gift Guide – Coffee & Chocolate

Christmas Gift Guide – Coffee & Chocolate

Coffee.  I may have mentioned coffee before.  It is a vital part of my day.  I drink coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening.  Sometimes I think that it’s the only reason I function.  So, when the opportunity arose for me to buy a Nespresso machine, I naturally jumped at the chance.  In fact, I stalked the local delivery drivers until it arrived.  Those 36 hours felt like 36 months.  I chose the Delonghi Lattissima Touch to be my new best friend.  And what a friend it is!

Before my friend arrived, I recalled that Belmio had offered me their own Nespresso compatible pods to review.  I had turned them down at the time.  However, I decided I now needed to take them up on their kind offer to broaden my coffee stained horizons. 

One thing I should say now is that I’ve always been an instant coffee drinker, unless visiting Costa… I do love a Costa.  I have no idea about the different coffee blends and strengths.  My Mum often says I will drink just about anything.  (It’s actually true, except alcohol.  I do not drink alcohol!)

Anyway, I digress… back to the Belmio Nespresso Compatible pods. 

Belmio sent me their amazing Classic Selection Compatible Pods.  50 pods, 10 pods in 5 different flavours.  (Are they even called flavours?  I told you, I’m not a connoisseur.)  As part of the pack you get Adagio, Origio, Allegro, Intenso and Risoluto.  It was time for me to get technical with the taste of coffee.  Overall, I prefer my coffee to have a bit of a kick (a lot of kick actually), which means I was immediately drawn to the pods with the higher intensity rating.  After tasting them all I’ve come to the conclusion that my initial draw was correct.  I definitely need the higher intensity blends.

My favourite flavour is Risoluto.  It gives me the tasty kick I need and is fantastic made up as a latte (or a cappuccino).  In fact, I’ve enjoyed quite a few cups with some delicious Guylian Belgian Chocolate.

Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Is there anything much more relaxing that a fresh coffee with some yummy chocolate?

We were sent the Guylian Temptations Pouch to taste.  I LOVE Guylian Belgian Chocolate.  They taste amazing with a latte. 

In the pouch you get 54 Belgian Chocolate seahorses in 6, yes 6, great flavours.  You can choose from Original Praliné, Milk Truffle, Caramel, Latte Macchiato, Dark Praliné or Crunchy Biscuit… and they are all just devine.  They lasted quite a while, until we opened the pack!  Then they disappeared rather quickly.  There were 6 of us eating them though. 

They were most definitely a hit with the whole family and deliciously moreish.