Christmas Gift Guide – Board Games the whole family will love

Christmas Gift Guide – Board Games the whole family will love

Hands up who loves board games?  We do!  Board games are something that we can do together.  It’s just about the only common interest we all have.  We have so many board games in our house that we’re spoiled for choice when games night comes around. 🙂  Here are my top picks for board games this Christmas. 


Monopoly will always be at the top of my list.  It is a fun and competitive game (well at least when we are playing!)  and teaches the kids some great maths skills.  You never know when they’ll be dealing with 7 figure numbers in the future.  Garreth and Seren have been playing Monopoly since they were around 4 years old.  Initially they played with help but now they play independently and I refuse to go easy on them.

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The kids had Cluedo for Christmas last year.  They hadn’t played it until then but it soon became another firm favourite.   The hardest part was grasping all the rules again because it had been years since I played it.  It is a great mystery game that tests logic and elimination skills.

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The Game of Life

The Game of Life had never entered my radar until I found the Zapd edition in Home Bargains a few Christmases ago.  It was hilarious to play with Garreth and Seren, especially when Seren kept having twins.  Since then, we’ve bought the non iPad version which is just as much fun!

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Caption It!

Caption It has been in our family for yonks.  Although, we haven’t played it for a few years now.  It’ll probably be even more fun now Seren is much older.  I think we’ll have to get it back out over Christmas to give it another go! 😀

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Guess Who?

Okay, Guess Who? isn’t a board game like the others and it’s only two player but it’s still a great game to play with the kids.  It develops their interrogation skills as well as yours.  It’s always a good thing isn’t it? 
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These are my favourite board games.  What are yours?