Christmas Gift Guide – 5 mugs everyone will love

Christmas Gift Guide – 5 mugs everyone will love

I drink a lot of coffee and as a result I really appreciate a nice mug.  In fact, without a mug I wouldn’t have coffee which wouldn’t be too great.  I’m pretty sure that a nice mug just has to be on everyone’s Christmas list this year.  I’ve trawled through a fair few and here are my favourites (in no particular order). 

Orla Kiely Christmas Early Bird China Mug

An image of the Orla Kiely designed Christmas Early Bird Mug on a white background. The design has four leaves and a silhouette of a robin.

This mug has become my everyday mug.  Everyone else in the house knows that they use the other mugs to their hearts content but do not use my mug.  I love it.  It has coped well with washing several times a day.  It hasn’t faded or discoloured.  It can be bought directly from McLaggan Smith Mugs and you can add a choice of personalisation and even some shortbread biscuits. 

Women Don’t Fart Mug

An image of a white mug with the a picture of a purple unicorn and the quote "Women don't fart they do however shot tiny puffs of glitter that smell like happiness"

I love novelty mugs.  There’s not enough space in my home for all the ones I like.  This one, however, might very well be making it’s way into my house.  It includes a great quote with a pretty purple unicorn.  The quote is one of my favourites (and, of course, it’s totally true for me!)  This novelty mug is available from Amazon.

Mum Comes Out Mug

McLaggan Smith Mugs actually sent this one as a gift for my Mum.  Since Nan passed away, the whole family say Mum sounds so much like my Nan!  I wasn’t sure how she would receive it as it could have gone one of two ways.  Luckily, she loved it and it has become her favourite mug to use.  McLaggan Mugs are perfect for anyone really, and with a huge range of designs and personalisation, your sure to find something unique and memorable. 

Personalised Photo Mug

An image of a mug with a personal photograph of two girls.

Personalised mugs are so popular.  They provide an intimately personal gift that the recipient will treasure.  You can get personalised photo mugs from so many places these days.  It’s worth shopping around but there are a fair few on Amazon here for reasonable prices.

Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

An image of a mug designed like Chip from the Disney animation Beauty and the Beast

Ahhh this mug.  I love it!  I don’t think I can bring myself to use it though.  It’s just so sweet.  Chances are it’s designed to be more ornamental than practical.  Seren is a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and loves this mug so much.  Once she gets her bedroom decorated, she wants a shelf for her pretty mugs.  (I’ve got loads of Disney ones that I can give her from years gone by!)  This mug is available directly from

Which mug would be your ideal gift? 

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  It doesn’t affect the price you pay but I do get a few pennies in return for you purchasing something.  I was sent the Beauty and the Beast mug, and McLaggan Smith mugs for the purpose of this guide.