Can’t Hold It In: Creating Space In A Nomadic Home

Can’t Hold It In: Creating Space In A Nomadic Home

For those of us who love to travel, the idea of a home isn’t always appealing. On an essential level, everyone craves a space to call theirs. But, the nomad in you might fight against the idea of confinement. After all, without a house holding you down, the sky is your limit. When there’s a roof over your head, it’s impossible to see the stars.

Of course, you shouldn’t let these worries stop you from embarking on homeownership. In many ways, the fears subside once you’re settled in a house you love. You can even further that feeling by working towards overcoming the claustrophobia of your home. By creating an airy and spacious area, you can live the life you want, while also residing in a house just for you.

But, how do you create the illusion of space in a confined area? Read on to find out.

Windows are welcome

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It may seem obvious, but it’s worth saying. The more windows you incorporate into your space, the less confined you’ll feel. If you’re willing to embark on a project, you could dedicate a whole wall for the purpose, and even incorporate window doors, like those found at Buckingham Double Glazing. That way, you’d be able to open the door on nice days and relax with the sounds of outdoors. What better way to remove that feeling of confinement?

If a project isn’t your idea of fun, make the most of the windows you have. Make sure always to open curtains and blinds first thing. It’s also worth leaving your windows ajar for at least ten minutes each day. Without this airing, the house can start to feel stale. And, for obvious reasons, that isn’t ideal for creating an impression of space.

Keep the floor space clear

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Most of us travellers like to collect knick-knacks from each destination we visit. And, these can provide fantastic points of interest in each room. But, try to keep your display items on shelves, rather than cluttering the floor. Even simple things like plant pots can create unnecessary clutter at floor level. Get rid of the rugs, too. The chances are you’ll be amazed at how much difference these small alterations can make. With every square inch of the floor on show, the room could feel almost double the size.

Consider your lighting

Lighting also plays a much more significant role in that spacious feeling than we realise. It makes sense when you think about it. Lowlighting is perfect for building atmosphere because it makes spaces feel smaller. In comparison, bright ceiling lights can create an echoing and spacious feeling. Obviously, these aren’t always practical. You could invest in a lamp for when you want to calm things down a little. For the most part, though, high, bright lights are the way to go when avoiding claustrophobia. Pair these with white walls, and you’ll create a much better illusion of space. There certainly won’t be any risk of feeling confined with these in place!