Anwen is 6 months!  Happy Half Birthday!

Anwen is 6 months! Happy Half Birthday!

We’re halfway through Anwen’s first year – she is 6 months old.  By Christmas she will be able to join in with Christmas dinner.  🙂 By Christmas she will be sitting up. 



What are the changes this month?


Weight:  She has to weigh over 25lb now.  I’m having her weighed next week but I’m not overly worried about it.  If the health visitor didn’t come to me I wouldn’t have a clue.
Clothing Size: I have just started switching out the 6-9 months for the 9-12 months clothes.
Shoe Size: Anwen still isn’t wearing shoes but she has big feet.
Nappy Size: 5  (bigger than Enfys).
Teeth: She has a 3rd tooth!  It’s not the one I expected next but we have it.  It’s to the left of the bottom 2.  She has nothing where the top two teeth should be. 


Favourite Things

Attention: Anwen absolutely adores being talked to.  She gets excited by the sound of her favourite voices.
Singing:  She really loves singing.  Whether it’s nursery rhymes or songs she loves it.
People: Anwen loves people.  It’s a good thing honestly, given that she’s one of 5.  She is at her happiest when the living room is full and everyone is around her.
Sitting Up: She is getting so strong now and is almost sitting completely unaided.  🙂



Silence:  Silence is one thing Anwen really hates!  If it’s quiet something must be wrong.
Tummy Time: Anwen hates being stuck on her tummy, it really does make her scream.



Bedtime:  Between 6pm and 9pm (depending on how the day goes)
Wake time: Between 6am and 8am.
Naps: 1 long nap.  We have recently dropped the shorter naps. 



We haven’t actually gotten around to starting the weaning process yet.  At the moment she has a great routine though.  She generally has a 5 7-8oz bottles between waking and going to bed. 


Exciting things this month

Anwen can now roll properly.  Although can only do back to front.