101 goals in 1001 days – My Day Zero Project

101 goals in 1001 days – My Day Zero Project

I recently saw Sophie at Life As Mrs D post about her 101 in 1001 challenge.  It’s really simple… 101 goals in 1001 days.  The goals can be anything you want to achieve.  Reading her goals inspired me to start my own challenge. 

My first goal was to create my list.  Which I did.  Then I had to decide when I would start my challenge.  I’m a little bit impatient so I didn’t really want to wait until the beginning of December… or January.  Today is the 2nd anniversary of the start of Enfys’ journey to her heart surgery.

What better time to start something new.  A new journey.  The success of getting through that challenge and now starting a new challenge.  🙂

Start Date: 9th November 2017

End Date: 6th August 2020

Even the end date is significant.  It’ll be Enfys’ 5th birthday.  When I saw this, my jaw actually dropped.  I believe it’s fate telling me how important this challenge is going to be for me. 

My 101 goals in 1001 days list

Around the home

1. Cook 52 new recipes (4/52)
2. Stick to a cleaning schedule
3. Make a personal family recipe book
4. Make a loaf of bread
5. Declutter the kitchen cupboards
6. Declutter the wardrobes
7. Declutter the upstairs cupboards
8. Update the photos on the wall
9. Declutter the toys
10. Organise the clothes efficiently
11. Meal plan a month in advance for 12 months
12. Create a virtual filing system
13. Scan all paper documents then shred them
14. Set up a chore system for the children and stick to it for 3 months
15. Buy new curtains for my bedroom
16. Get rid of old towels and bedding 

Blog Life

17. Write consistently
18. Work on vlogging
19. Monetise my blog (underway)
20. Take part in a really great campaign
21. Complete 5 different series of posts
22. Attend a conference
23. Improve my newsletter
24. Develop my niche
25. Grow my following on social media
26. Update my progress at least once a month
27. Narrow down tags/categories (underway)
28. Delete irrelevant content from the site (underway)
29. Check for broken links once a month (underway)
30. Pay someone to redesign my blog I’ve decided to scrap this one… because I love how Beth in a Box looks right now.  Instead I’m going to switch hosting providers.
31. Keep up the feel good Linky This one has been updated to the #BloggersinWales Showcase and Linky.

Financial Goals

32. Pay 75% of our debt (underway)
33. Save for a big family holiday
34. Start a budget planner (and stick to it)
35. Put away £10 for each goal completed (£110)
36. Open a regular saver account
37. Open kids bank accounts
38. Save £10 a month in each of the kids bank accounts.
39. Only buy necessities for one week every month for 12 months
40. Improve my credit score (underway)
41. Get any credit card balances onto interest free balance transfer cards
42. No takeaways for a month (put the money we would have spent on one towards debt)
43. Price comparison for energy bills and switch if necessary.
44. Switch internet providers if there is a cheaper option.
45. Put an extra £50 a month towards a debt
46. Start collecting coupons and vouchers to help with living costs.
47. Take part in reward schemes.

Travel Goals

48. Visit Disneyland
49. Visit Stackpole again
50. Visit 5 places in the UK I’ve never visited before
51. Go for a weekend away to London
52. Get a passport
53. Have 52 days out with the kids (4/52)
54. Take an adult only overnight stay
55. Ride the tube
56. Take the kids out on a train
57. Catch a bus
58. Take a trip with Mam
59. Climb Pen y Fan
60. Visit Lands End again
61. Walk the coastal path
62. visit stone henge
63. Take a boat ride

Personal Goals

64. Lose 3st
65. Start a fitness related hobby (and stick at it)
66. Read 52 books (27/52)
67. Watch 52 movies I haven’t seen before (8/52)
68. Begin writing Enfys’ journey
69. Write and self publish a children’s book
70. Have a hernia repair (expected around September 2018)
71. Change my hairstyle
72. Take a photo a day
73. Continue research into my family history
74. Write a brief family history
75. Complete 101 in 1001
76. Create a 5 year plan
77. Have an eye test and get new glasses
78. Write list for 101 in 1001
79. Improve my self confidence

Family Life

80. Take a riding lesson with Seren
81. Take the older 2 on a weekend away
82. Make a photo memory book over 12 months
83. Play a board game at least once a month for the duration. (3)
84. Make a print of our hands.
85. Have a family photograph on the wall that isn’t a selfie
86. Spend quality one on one time with children each week.
87. Spend one evening a month with only hubby
88. Document Macsen’s speech progress
89. Create and edit more videos with Garreth
90. Sing songs with Enfys and Anwen every night. (underway)
91. Update Lands End family photo
92. Surprise the kids once a month (4)
93. Check out our life insurance
94. Appreciate each other more
95. Build a snowman with the kids (if we ever see any snow)
96. Complete a family activity advent.


97. Complete 52 random acts of kindness (4/52)
98. Complete a Christmas reverse advent with the kids
99. Donate £1 for every 1lb lost to Noah’s Ark after the first 12 months
100. Donate £1 for every 1lb lost to Ronald McDonald House Charity after the second 12 months
101. Volunteer with Home Start or similar once Enfys is in full time school. Give back to other families.

So, there’s my 101 goals in 1001 days.  What are yours?