**CLOSED** Real Life Heroes (& A GIVEAWAY) #Blogtober17

**CLOSED** Real Life Heroes (& A GIVEAWAY) #Blogtober17

I’m not a great fan of various villains and superheroes so I didn’t have a clue what to write about for this prompt.  I decided, given the last 3 years, that I would write about some of the real life heroes we have encountered on our journey.  (Plus there is a little giveaway at the end!)

Heroes, to me, are the people who make the right calls at the right time.  They are people who make an impact on other people’s lives without expecting anything in return.  Here are just a few I have met. 

The Obstetric Teams (including midwives)

They never know when they will be called upon to save a life.  The decisions they make can often mean life or death.  Seeing the team in action during an emergency is life changing.  I’ve been there twice.  The first time it was just my baby’s life in the balance… the second time it was both me and my baby.  They may have done it because it’s their job but they didn’t do it for me to thank them. 


They are there when you need them… at any time of the day or night.  When I needed them the First Responder arrived within 12 minutes and the ambulance within 16.  It’s because of them that both me and Anwen are here.  If they weren’t there, me nor Anwen would have stood a chance.

Paediatric Cardiac Surgeons

One in particular saved my daughter’s life.  He performed open heart surgery on a 4.5 month old Enfys with a heart not much bigger than a walnut.  He doesn’t just perform that surgery every so often, he does it every day.  Every day he saves a life.

Medical Professionals are, in general, the real superheroes.  They fight often invisible villains.  They may not always be able to get it right but they do their absolute best.

This post was published for Day 22 of the #Blogtober17 challenge.  The prompt was villains and superheroes.

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