#Blogtober17 – YouTube – I’ve been looking forward to this one.

#Blogtober17 – YouTube – I’ve been looking forward to this one.

This month has been quite an exciting month for me and YouTube.  We’ve uploaded 3 videos… Yes 3!

I’m actually appearing in more than just photographs.  You’re actually able to hear my voice.  My accent seems to be the only thing I notice about my voice.  It’s just so in your face Welsh… yet I don’t seem to notice every day! 

YouTube has become a bit of a family affair.  Seren is the best on camera.  Garreth is the camera man and editor. I’m just the director.  I tell them what to do.

Here are the 3 videos all lovingly created by us.

Pontypool and Blaenavon Heritage Railway Ghost Train 2017

Every year we visit the railway for a ride on a real steam train and a few scares from some ghouls. This year we created a video.  Forgive my appearance, we were lacking a Seren to introduce the video.

Shnooks Unboxing by Seren

We received the Shnooks to review.  If I’m honest I still don’t get them but they seem to have become Seren’s new best friends.  Here’s the unboxing of one of them.

Rubik’s Junior Review

This was our first video this month, a review of Rubik’s Junior Puzzles and I think it is actually my favourite.  We had a great time creating it and Garreth is super proud of it! There’s also a giveaway to win a Rubik’s Junior puzzle on the blog right now.

We have lots more videos planned for YouTube during November.  I’m super excited to get started with them if I am honest!  If you want to see more you can subscribe here:  Beth in a Box YouTube Channel