#Blogtober17 – My Weight Loss Goals

#Blogtober17 – My Weight Loss Goals

Seven days into #Blogtober17 and I’m still going.  Yay!  Today’s prompt probably relates quite well to my goal of completing the month without missing a post.  But seriously, Hex Mum’s prompt of ‘goals’ has inspired me to talk about my weight loss goals.

I have always been overweight and don’t know any different but I want to know different. 

I do not want to be the fat Mum at the school gates.

I don’t want to be the Mum who shies away from the parent race on sports day because she’s too fat to run.

I don’t want to be the Mum who doesn’t get to see her kids grow up because she’s too fat to be healthy. 

I want to be the Mum who is comfortable in her own skin; the Mum who doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb at the school gates.  I want to be the Mum who participates in the parent’s race on sports day.  I want to be the Mum who gets to watch her children grow up.

I don’t currently have a specific end goal in mind because I have so much weight to lose.  Mentally, it’s far easier to work towards small, manageable goals.

When I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of September I weighed in at a whopping 20st 3lb.  It was my heaviest weight in over 4 years.  I decided to set my first goal for the 2nd October.  The weight I wanted to reach was 19st 9lb.  It might seem like a rather random number but it made perfect sense to me.  Not too far away from my starting weight to seem unachievable but also far enough away from 20st to be ‘safe’.  The rouse worked and I successfully reached the first of my goals right on time.

By the 2nd October, I had lost 8lb and that, in itself, was a cause for celebration.

I have no idea so far this week but I have a goal in mind.  It’s there.  Gently pushing me forward and reminding me that I must try my best to make the right food choices. 

The 2nd of my goals, is 18st 13lb.  I chose this one because it’s that next step down.  Getting under 19st will make a huge different to me.

I am not sure where I want to be at the end of my journey, nor do I even know if I will reach an end point.  But the best way for me to get closer to where I want to be is to focus on smaller, short term goals. 

What are your goals?  Do you want to lose a few lbs or just become more active?  Tell me in the comments below.