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Welcome to Day 4 of #Blogtober17 with HexMum Plus One.  Today’s prompt is ‘date’.  It left me scratching my head for a while.  I spent quite some time thinking over how to tackle this prompt.  In the end, I decided to bring in one of my passions.  Family History

I have trawled through my family tree to find an event on this day in my family’s story and I came up trumps with the marriage of two of my Cornish Ancestors, Francis WALLIS and Bridget ROWE.  I haven’t gotten around to researching their full story yet but I can certainly tell you what I know.

They married on 4th October 1767 in the parish church of St Levan, Cornwall. 

St Levan was originally a part of the parish of St. Buryan (where most of my Cornish ancestors originated).  Parish records do not exist pre-1700 for St. Levan but some entries can be found recorded within the records of St. Buryan.

Francis WALLIS and Bridget ROWE are my 7x great grandparents.  They were young at the time of their marriage with Francis being around 23 and Bridget around 21.

Francis was baptised at St. Buryan on 17th June 1744, the second known child of Francis WALLIS and Phillis. 

Bridget was baptised in the same parish on 24th May 1746, the possible second known child of Thomas ROWE and Mary.

I have only found two children for Francis and Bridget.  My 6x Great Grandfather, Francis and his younger sister Phillis. 

The rest of their story still requires some research.  I still need to confirm facts and list my sources. 

Here is my relationship chart to Francis & Bridget.


Me (1986)

I am the daughter of:

My Mum (1962),

who is the daughter of:

Shirley WILLIAMS (1936-2017),

who is the daughter of:

Ivor WILLIAMS (1908-2002),

who is the son of:

Harriet Ann WEEKS (1886-1967),

who is the daughter of:

Selina MATHEWS (1866-1920),

who is the daughter of:

Mary BERRYMAN (1833-1911),

who is the daughter of:

Grace WALLIS (1811-1860),

who is the daughter of:

Francis WALLIS (1769-1849),

who is the son of:

Francis WALLIS & Bridget ROWE

Beth is a 30-something, self-employed Mum rediscovering her connection to British History and nature. Her loves include the discovery of knowledge, walking in the woods, and writing, among others. Beth is a Virtual Assistant at The Happy VA.


  • Esthy

    Wow! This is amazing; it just makes me want to check mine out. I do sometimes wonder what our great-grandparents will think about life today if they were to come back to life.

  • Alex

    I would love to trace our family history, unfortunately, our family history is pretty murky and convoluted which makes it very difficult to trace back any further than my great-grandparents. We also have romany blood on my father’s side and many romany people were persecuted in the Second World War or were unregistered which makes records difficult to get hold of.

  • John Milnes

    My wife and I are really big in to family history. I have managed to trace my family back to the 1750’s. Most of my family on both sides are from North, West and the South Yorkshire regions. I have recently been contacted by a distant family member who moved out to New Zealand. All because he saw my family tree and his tree merged back in the late 1900’s, and he was excited to chat. I really love Family history stories. It is amazing what you find at times.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  • Michelle Kellogg

    Ancestry is such an interesting topic for me. I went onto Ancestry.com to research my family history and even did a DNA test. It was very interesting to find out that I have zero Native American blood but I do have Irish and English, which is not something I really knew. I am predominantly Polish but also have German, French interestingly Romanian, which was never even a thought in any of my family.

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