#Blogtober17 – Letterbox Flowers from Beards & Daisies

#Blogtober17 – Letterbox Flowers from Beards & Daisies

Hey, guess what!  I’ve almost completed a whole week of #Blogtober17.  It’s day 6 today!  I love today’s prompt.  It has given me the opportunity to talk about a beautiful bouquet of flowers (today’s prompt by the way) my Mum received last week from Beards & Daisies. 

Beards & Daisies is quite a new company in the florist industry but they are definitely making a name for themselves.  They offer a beautiful selection of hand-tied and letterbox flowers delivered directly to your door.  There is even the option of having a 3 month subscription, I mean, who doesn’t want fresh flowers every month?

What are letterbox flowers?

Most online florists generally contract deliveries out to local bricks & mortar florists.  This can be difficult for a number of reasons.  The recipient, very often, needs to be at home to receive the bouquet and, with busy lives being led, this can be hard to guarantee. Letterbox flowers are just that!  They can fit through your letterbox. 

Beards & Daisies only use hardy flowers that can survive for a longer period of time and require less water.  This enables them to use Royal Mail for their deliveries. 

When they offered me a bouquet delivered to my door, I passed the love on.  My Mum is a huge fan of flowers and, in my opinion, doesn’t receive them enough just because.

I asked for them to be delivered to her house with a simple message.  “Just to make you smile…”  I knew they would get far more love at her house than they would at mine.

Did they live up to expectations?

The flowers were dispatched on Wednesday and arrived on Thursday.  The next day delivery certainly was delivered as promised.  The box was just as lovely as expected and I’m pretty sure my Mum’s heart was in her mouth as she unwrapped her surprise. 

Now, the hardest part of reviewing something that didn’t actually arrive at my house first…

Mum sent me plenty of photographs but I’m afraid I don’t have one of the bouquet as a whole, so I borrowed the closest one I could find from Beards & Daisies. 

Mum’s initial reaction was a little bit of concern that some of the flowers appeared to be a little droopy and looked a little worse for wear.  Ever the optimist, her words were, “maybe they will perk up once they’ve had a drink.”  (It’s funny, because I actually heard my Nan when she said it!) 

Her optimism paid off.  Within a few hours of having a drink, they looked much less droopy.  I saw them on Sunday, 3 days after delivery and they looked stunning.  The roses really were the focal point of the bouquet.

Here are a few pictures Mum sent me of the flowers although I’ll be honest she’s no Anne Geddes (google her!).

I loved sending my Mum flowers just because.  For what reasons do you enjoy sending flowers?