#Blogtober17 – Ice Cream – A bit of a brain fart…

#Blogtober17 – Ice Cream – A bit of a brain fart…

I got this prompt so so wrong – for some reason I wrote in my planner that the prompt was ‘beach’.   It’s actually ice cream.  I suppose I can see the link but it’s a little too tenuous to run with.  So at 10.10pm, here I am trying to think of something to say about ice cream so I don’t fail at #Blogtober17…  **Note** This post did turn into a brain fart so for that I apologise. 

So, ice cream.  What can I say about ice cream?

I can tell you some stories about ice cream.  Some of my fondest memories include ice cream. 

I remember my parents taking me and my cousin out for the day.  We were both quite young and my parents bought us both an ice cream.  It was a real Mr Whippy one.  Me and my rather accident prone cousin were happily walking along and munching away.  But the next thing we knew she was on the floor and her ice cream was nowhere to be seen. 

My parents tell me that a lady went home with a Mr Whippy over her lovely mohair cardigan.  I don’t remember that bit though.

This has always been a funny story in our family and it honestly makes me realise how much I miss my cousin.  We were born 7 weeks apart and grew up together.  She would come on days out with us.  She would stay over my house and I would stay over hers.  We were close. 

I wish it was the case that we just drifted apart but I don’t have the option to call her or text her. 

In February 2015, after a seemingly innocent incident with a gate, she ended up with sepsis.  She thought she had the flu so went for a Doctor’s appointment.  She collapsed, was rushed to hospital, put into an induced coma and never woke up. 

We said goodbye to her on 12th February (with not an ice cream in sight).  My cousin was a beautiful person.  She has three beautiful daughter’s who make her proud every day. 

We still relive the memories we have and one day, I’d quite like to write them all down for my children to read.