#Blogtober17 – Education – I feel so lost…

#Blogtober17 – Education – I feel so lost…

Day 5 of #Blogtober17 with Hex Mum Plus One and the prompt today is ‘Education’.  There are a million different things I could talk about relating to education but there’s one BIG pressure on my mind. Macsen and his struggles in nursery

Macsen attends nursery and the setup is somewhat complicated.  There are only six children in his year group and they are combined with Reception.  They have one teacher on a Monday and Tuesday and a different one for the rest of the week.  The two teaching assistants are consistent.

Every Wednesday, when I pick him up from Nursery I get held back and told that he has either hit, pushed or hurt another child.  Today, apparently, there were at least 10 incidents.  Ten incidents in 2.5 hours.  Some were witnessed, other’s were not. 

I do not defend his behaviour but he cannot tell his teachers what has happened in any given situation.  To be completely honest, I am at my wits end with it all.

I don’t want my son to hurt other children.

Most importantly, I don’t want him to be written off as a troublemaker before he’s had a chance to prove himself. 

Since he started Nursery, I have asked the school to support me in supporting Macsen.  I’ve begged for meetings; I have explained time and time again that he struggles.  They clearly see a more violent and frustrated child than the one I have at home.

I would be lying if I said the school’s suitability for Macsen didn’t concern me.  I don’t feel like they are looking after Macsen and his well being (not to mention education). 

Today, at the age of 3 he was taken to the headteachers office after one of the incidents.  It didn’t work.  He was taken out of the situation and had forgotten everything by the time he got there.  Anyone will a brain cell should realise that!

Now, I’m waiting for a meeting between his class teacher and the head teacher.  Although, in my heart, I want to take him out of school. 

How do we move forward from here?  What can I do to get the school to pay attention to me?  How can I help Macsen?

I feel so lost and like I have nowhere to turn.