#Blogtober17 – Why you should always research the car seats you buy for your child!

#Blogtober17 – Why you should always research the car seats you buy for your child!

It’s Day 3 of #Blogtober17 with HexMum and today’s prompt is: Cars.  I could say quite a bit about cars but I’ve actually chosen to talk about child car seats and why you should always thoroughly research the car seats you buy to protect your children. 

My View on Car Seats

Over the last few years I’ve been actively following Facebook pages dedicated to Extended Rear Facing.  ERF is the safest way for your child to travel and with the growing market of ERF seats there really is no reason why your child should forward face before reaching 18kg.  (Even better 25kg).  A few weeks ago The ERF Mission posted about Killer Car Seats.  As I read through, I couldn’t believe people would actually consider them capable of protecting their child in a car accident.

The whole purpose of a child’s car seat is to protect them should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash.  Car seats may well be expensive but can you really put a price on your child’s safety?

Our current car seats

I’m a firm supporter of ERF car seats and we currently have two of them in our car. 

Joie Stages

This is Anwen’s car seat.  She is 4.5 months and 10.5kg. The Stages rear faces from Birth to 18kg (five point harness) and forward faces from 9kg – 25kg (five point harness up to 18kg).  Unless you have giant children like me, the Joie Stages should last rear facing to the age of 4.

Axkid Minikid

Up until recently, the Minikid was Macsen’s car seat.  Now it is Enfys’.  Enfys is 25 months and weighs 11.5kg.  The Axkid Minikid is a true ERF car seat that is rear facing only.  There is no forward facing option.  It has a five point harness and is suitable from 9kg – 25kg.  Unless you have huge children, the Minikid should last up to the age of 7.

Macsen’s New Car Seat

Now Macsen has reached the 25kg weight limit my only option for him is a high backed booster with the adult seatbelt.  I researched them thoroughly.  After much deliberation I chose the Britax Romer Kidfix XP SICT (I’ll leave the full review of this for a different post).  It is amazing though and so much better than the big heavy Graco Nautilus we had before. 


Car Seats that Kill

Let’s get to my main point though.  Research, research and more research.  The post I read from The ERF Mission showed examples of ‘car seats’ that aren’t actually car seats at all.  I never thought anyone would actually buy them as car seats until I saw someone recommend them to a Facebook friend.  I was completely gobsmacked. 

These ‘car seats’ are nothing more than dining chair booster cushions.  They do not comply to safety regulations in the UK nor any other country.  This is what happens to them in a car accident. 

I have contacted the sellers on Ebay to clarify their safety testing and low and behold I have received no response. 

They are not real car seats, they are not safety tested and, in the UK at least, they are completely illegal. 

If you see them for sale, report them.  Don’t buy them and share this post to make sure no-one makes the mistake of buying these to use as a car seat for their child.