Our Holiday – We watched the RAF Red Arrows Display Team

Our Holiday – We watched the RAF Red Arrows Display Team

We were very lucky to be in Weymouth for the 2017 Weymouth Carnival.  It is a fantastic 2 day event along the Esplanade culminating in fireworks on the Wednesday night.

We didn’t take part in any of the first day’s events on Tuesday but we spent Wednesday on the beach waiting for the most exciting part of the event.  Well, for us anyway.

At 3pm, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was supposed to take place.  Unfortunately, due to a technical fault with one of the planes, the flight was cancelled.  I was disappointed but the highlight for me was still to come.  I don’t ever recall seeing the RAF Red Arrows as I was growing up, but I can’t imagine that my father never took us kids to see them.  Nevertheless, it was an experience of a lifetime that I got to share with my husband and my children.

The RAF Red Arrows

It was a fantastic experience and I would love to see them again in the future.  Even Garreth enjoyed the display (he also enjoyed playing in the sand too).  Seren took the entire experience to another level by announcing that she wants to fly in the Red Arrows. Macsen said “Wow” a fair bit and Enfys was awestruck.

The RAF Red Arrows are phenomenal to watch and sound incredible.  We are going to try and see them again next year.  I actually really want to follow them around the UK.

Here are a couple of videos and photographs from our day at the beach watching the RAF Red Arrows Display Team.

Playing in the sand before watching the Red ArrowsMacsen stropping before the Red ArrowsAnwen enjoying the beachThe Red ArrowsThe Spitfire manouvre by the Red Arrows