Dear Mrs W – An open letter to my son’s TA

Dear Mrs W – An open letter to my son’s TA

Dear Mrs W,

Have you noticed you seem to have drawn the short straw this year? 

I’m sorry that you bare the brunt of my frustration.  Unfortunately for us, you seem to be the one that has to be the bearer of bad news.  You are the one who needs to tell me my son has, yet again, hit another child. 

I do not mean to shout at you, I do not mean to make you the enemy.  It would be far better for us both to get along.  To work together to support Macsen and his education.  I would prefer us to be united in this; I place my son’s wellbeing in your hands while he is in nursery and it’s hard for me to let go.  For 3 years I have been his primary caregiver; for 3 years I have watched Macsen grow and taught him all the social skills he has.

After I picked him up today, I sat at my kitchen table and cried.  I hate being that parent who dreads picking up their child from school because they don’t know how their child has behaved today.  To tell you the truth, Mrs W, I do not know where to turn.  I have tried to understand what I need to do for Macsen.  I have tried to understand the official paths I need to follow.  I feel like I am fighting against the system.  It isn’t working for Macsen at the moment.

Mrs W.  I need you to help me.  I need to know you are looking out for Macsen’s best interests.  I understand that you don’t always have the time but I need you to take the time to find out what it is that Macsen is trying to tell you.  It is difficult, I know, but ask him to show you, watch his hands, ask him questions. 

I am sorry.  I really am.  Can you forgive my frustration?  Can you forgive my outbursts?  I hope you understand that I only do it because I love my son.


Macsen’s Mummy