A Blogger’s Guide to an Organised Home – 14 Space Saving Hacks for your home

A Blogger’s Guide to an Organised Home – 14 Space Saving Hacks for your home

Storage space in homes is an ever-increasing problem.  We live in a consumer society that must have everything.  I’ve tried to live a more minimalist lifestyle but no matter how much I throw out, the amount of stuff in my house just increases. 

Fear not, because right here I have collected 15 awesome space saving hacks to take back your home and save space. 

1. KonMari

The KonMari method of decluttering is interesting.  Lycra Widow is enjoying her positive KonMari journey and not only saving space but decluttering her mind and making a few extra pennies. 

2. Make the most of ‘under’ and ‘over’ storage

You can save space by using all the nooks and crannies that often get forgotten about.  The space between the top of the kitchen cupboards and ceiling as suggested by Pete from Household Money Saving.  Although you do need to remember you’ve put it there.
Maria from Happy Mummy recommends under bed storage. 
This idea is seconded by Carol at Family Makes, who uses the unused space on the top of the wardrobes.

3. Use suitcases as storage space

Katy from KatyKicker likes to store items that aren’t necessary for everyday life or things you just need to keep hidden from prying eyes (Christmas presents/swimming inflatables) inside any suitcases you have lying around.  It frees up so much space. 

4. Hang anything that can be hung.

Sugru provides a great, safe and quick alternative to drilling holes in your wall for hooks.  I now store my little mirror safely out of reach thanks to hooks made entirely from Sugru.

5. Make the most of the useless space under the stairs

Under Stairs Storage

The space under the stairs always tends to collect junk.  It’s a place where everything can be hidden out of the way.  However, why not utilize this space as shoe and laundry storage like Victoria from LyliaRose.com has done.  I think her husband is very clever, don’t you?

6. Under Shelf Storage Baskets

Instead of all that wasted space in your kitchen cupboards, make the most of it with Under Shelf Storage Baskets.  The baskets turn 1 shelf into 2 and provides a handy space to store tin cans, packets and jars. 

7. Downsize appliances

These days there are so many different appliances that kitchen work tops just end up looking cluttered and untidy. A great way to save worktop space is by choosing smaller appliances.  Alison from Five Little Stars found a square microwave that takes up far less space.

8. Storing things in unusual places

Bin the bread bin and store your bread in the microwave.  Rebecca, of Kizmetcava does this and while she has to take the bread out of the microwave every time she wants to use it, it’s preferable over wasting space on a bread bin. 

9. Store Clothing & Soft Toys in Vacuum Bags

Clothes and soft toys take up so much space in the home.  Vacuum Storage Bags are a fantastic way of condensing and storing clothes that aren’t going to be worn soon. 

10. Vertical Folding

This great video from Lycra Widow demonstrates perfectly how vertical folding can save oodles of space.  Space you can then utilize for something else.

11. Hanging shoe storage isn’t just good for shoes

Carly, from Mummy and the Chunks, uses hanging shoe storage pockets to store her small bags, purses and woolly hats.  Not only does it save space in your drawers but it utilizes any left-over space in your wardrobe too.

12. Shelving Units for toys

We have loads of toys but not enough floor space to store all the toy boxes.  With the great Storalex Shelving bays you can save so much space and store toy boxes easily. 

13. Check out different ideas for storage

Alina, who blogs over at We Made This Life, loves the Kallax units from Ikea that they used when they revamped their playroom.  Leanne from A Slice of my Life in Wales agrees – they also use them for shoe storage too. 

14. Put things away once you’ve finished with them

This is perhaps the most simple and easily executed of the hacks and it’s just what Welsh Mum does. It’s only logical really; make sure everything has a home and put everything away when you’re not using them. 

15. A DIY Storage project

Veronica from My Parenting Journey suggested a DIY shoe storage project consisting of PVC tubes from a hardware store.  Their shoedrobe is in progress. 
I suppose you can turn your hand to any DIY storage project from using tin cans as pen pots and empty jam jars for tea, coffee and sugar… The possibilities are endless.


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