Enfys’ Birthday at Cefn Mably Farm Park

Enfys’ Birthday at Cefn Mably Farm Park

A few weeks ago we celebrated Enfys’ second birthday.  She’s a quiet and placid little lady and we wanted to do something special for her.  The question was, what though?

I figured that going to see some animals might be a good experience for her but didn’t know where would be the best place to go.

I had a chat to my Mum and we decided Cefn Mably Farm Park would be good.  It wouldn’t be the cheapest of days out but it wouldn’t be the most expensive either.  The deciding factor was what they offer. 

I was a little apprehensive because we have 5 kids, a double pram and a walking frame.  I wanted, well needed, space.  I needn’t have been apprehensive at all.  It is a completely amazing place and a great day out for children of all ages and abilities.  All my children loved it (even technology mad, farm hating Garreth.)

We began our adventure by looking at all the animals they have.  You can expect the usual farm varieties: donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats and ponies; as well as the lovely cuddly types suitable for petting.  The guinea pigs were the residents we saw that day.  They even had some reindeer, a Mummy one and a baby one.

Seren was in her element and we didn’t see her much for the guinea pigs.  Macsen loved the digger (pop in £1 and dig the stones for 2 minutes.)  They also offer pony rides for £2 and this was the part of the day that blew me away.

Seren is a relatively experienced rider, but I really wanted Enfys to have her first experience of riding a pony.  I explained Enfys’ situation to the lady who was leading the pony rides and she was patient and understanding.  I walked along side her and the pony.  She constantly reassured Enfys, talking to her and making her feel comfortable despite having a heavy and uncomfortable hat on her head.  It is because of her that Enfys was able to ride a pony on her second birthday.

The animals aren’t the only part of Cefn Mably Farm Park.  Inside the main building, there is a fantastic soft play area.  In fact, the soft play area rivaled any we have locally to us and it would be worth the 30 minute drive just for that alone.

I find going out with the kids and finding something they all enjoy really difficult.  Cefn Mably Farm Park is a definite win.  Garreth said that next time we go though he will be taking his laptop and making the most of the free wifi.

The Important Details


Weekdays & Term time £4.50 18+ months
Weekends & Non Term time £6.50 18+ months (£24 family ticket 4 people)

Opening hours

Daily 10am-5pm (Last admission 4pm)


Cefn Mably Farm Park, Began Road, Cefn Mably, Cardiff, CF3 6XL