An Organised Kitchen to Eat in

An Organised Kitchen to Eat in

Please note:  The kitchen above is the one I wish was mine. 

The kitchen in my house is a nice size, it isn’t huge but it isn’t small either.  It’s a kitchen-diner.  Although we have not actually been able to use the dining table until very recently.  You see, the dining area is also the laundry room, study and anything else we can find it useful for.  There’s always baskets of clean and dirty laundry, diaries, unopened mail.  You name it you’ll be able to find it here.  There’s just no organisation.

With the impending arrival of the chest freezer I needed to clear the clutter and make space.  The freezer needed a home. 

We needed to remove the old (and hideous) filing cabinet from the corner.  I won here, it now lives in the shed.  We had to figure out a way to make it all fit better, laundry baskets needed moving, and the table needed a new position. 

It wasn’t a quick job; the amount of clutter that had collected between the table the wall was unbelievable.  There were socks (odd ones at that), tea towels (presumably clean ones but they went in the wash nevertheless), letters (both opened and unopened), carrier bags full of the kids toys (this one I have no idea on).  The funniest thing is that I remember doing it all not so long ago. 

We collected 4 sacks of rubbish and junk that is no longer required and I sent another 2 to the charity shop.

Even though the dining area of the kitchen now looks much better, cleaner and more organised, I still have plenty to keep me busy in the rest of the kitchen.  Cupboards that need emptying, cleaning and decluttering.  I’m planning on acquiring some can organisers to help me with this.  I need to declutter my pots and pans as I have far too many and don’t use half of them.  Oh, and the top of the fridge is a true clutter danger zone but I don’t actually put anything there myself, that’s the fault of my 6 foot 10 husband. 

Everything on my list will get sorted over the coming weeks, then it’ll just be a case of keeping on top of it.  I’m actually still quite pleased that, even after a few weeks, the dining area is staying mostly clutter free.