We’re getting a walking frame

We’re getting a walking frame

Enfys has Hypermobility.  Her ankles are super bendy and don’t support her very well.  It’s one of the reasons she doesn’t yet walk.  In fact, all her limbs are loose and floppy.  Her tone isn’t very good either.  I’ve often likened her limbs to a snake… bending and twisting in all directions.  (It makes it very difficult to dress her).

Joint hypermobility doesn’t always come with nasty side effects and I hope Enfys is in that category but as she can’t always convey her thoughts and feelings with us it is very possible she does feel some of the nasty symptoms associated with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome such as pain and stiffness, fatigue etc. 

To be honest though, at almost 23 months, her world is limited to crawling.  Her time outside is limited; she despises grass and doesn’t enjoy crawling outside.  I can’t always dedicate the time to take her out to play and walk her around.  I now feel that her enjoyment of life isn’t as full as it should be.

At her physio session last week, I brought up a walking aid.  Enough is enough, if I don’t start pushing for things then we are not going to get them.

The rest of the physio session was an incredible experience.  Enfys took to the frame like a duck to water.  She walked around the room smiling to herself and, for a child who spends most of her days in a world of her own, it was just beautiful to watch.  I was in awe.  Better yet, I got to share that experience with my Mum, who felt just the same.

My goal was achieved and by the end of the session our lovely physio, Ellie, had planned which frame to order and is even going to look for one that can be folded. 

I’m hopeful that a walking frame will help Enfys become a little more independent; help her to enjoy life; help her realize that she can do it and doesn’t need to be afraid. 

I am so excited for the next step of the journey.