The First Step to a Healthy Lifestyle

The First Step to a Healthy Lifestyle

I am giving my weight loss posts an overhaul.  I’m sick of focusing on the obvious – how much weight I’ve lost – instead, I’m going to focus on what I want to achieve.

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying life.  If I lose weight while I’m doing it then that’s an added bonus.  I’m fed up of being fat, frumpy and unhappy. 

How do I intend to live a healthy lifestyle?


Only a part of living a healthy lifestyle is what you eat but it is the biggest step to start with.

My biggest vice is, well I actually have two, coffee (all the time and lots of it) and sweet stuff (for 2 weeks of the month). 

I will always have sweet treats in my house.  In fact, I’m a firm believer in keeping them around.  My children have healthy relationships with food and I’ve worked hard for that.  I keep my own crappy relationship with food away from them wherever possible.  I’m proud to say that, while they are fond of a snack, they choose the healthy options most of the time. 

My focus for this week is to really monitor the amount of coffee I am drinking.  I don’t want to end up with caffeine withdrawal so I’m going to cut down to 5 cups of coffee or less.  The one positive with coffee is that I don’t take it with sugar so one less thing to say goodbye to.

Talking of sugar though, I also want to use MyFitnessPal to limit daily sugar intake.


Another big downfall for me is how much water I drink (or don’t as the case may be).  I drink nowhere near enough so I really want to drink more.

I want to aim for 8 glasses of water a day.  I’m in the process of creating a ‘hydration chart’ for my fridge that I’ll be able to fill in every time I finish a glass.  I guess little things will help.

Activity & Exercise

I lead a very sedentary lifestyle with the number of cwtches I give out on a daily basis.  Although, my fitness watch’s activity monitor rarely tells me that I’ve been still for 45 minutes, so I must be regularly active at least. I do need to get up off my backside more though.  Whether it’s a walk to the park or running up the stairs a few extra times a day. 

I’m starting small this week so want to say I’ll pick a time of day when I can walk up the stairs 4 times. 

This week’s goals

  • Stick to five coffees or less a day.
  • Consume less than 50g of sugar a day.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Climb the stairs an extra 4 times a day.

There are my four small goals to get me started on my healthy lifestyle journey.  Don’t forget the #FeelGoodLinky will be live on the 1st August. 

Let’s Get Going!