Introducing Anwen

Introducing Anwen

It’s about time I introduce Anwen to the fold. 

At 11pm on Friday 12th May 2017, my perception of my life changed.  It changed completely.

I was lying in bed at 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant, just about to fall asleep when I felt a dribble.  I thought I was weeing myself, it has been known to happen while heavily pregnant so I excused myself from bed to use the toilet.

As I stood, I felt a huge gush.  It was dark so I assumed my waters had broken.  That was until Jim looked at me and told me it was blood. 

The conversation went like this:

Me: (traipsing across the landing) Jim, I think we may need to go to the hospital.

Jim: (following me) Ok, what shall I do?

Me: (sitting on the toilet in case I needed a wee) Grab my notes from the car and tell Leanne we need her. 

Jim: (toddling off down the stairs) Ok.

At this point, I headed back into my bedroom, a bath sheet stuffed between my legs and started packing (yes, packing) my hospital bag.

I avoided the massive puddle of blood on the floor and phoned maternity once Jim and Leanne arrived with my notes.  Jim decided phoning 999 was a good idea too. 

Leanne and Jim continued organizing my bag while I went to lay down on the sofa waiting for the ambulance. I lay there just laughing and joking and remaining calm. 

First Response arrived in 12 minutes; followed rapidly 6 minutes later by the ambulance.  The time deserves a mention because we live 30 minutes away from the hospital where the paramedic and ambulance were.  This also all happened on a Friday night.

Within the hour, I was being blue-lighted and silently worrying that I had already lost my baby. 

It was a surreal experience, arriving on Main Delivery by ambulance, the doors open with 2 midwives waiting and being informed I had a welcoming committee.  They weren’t kidding.  There was a swarm of midwives all doing different things, asking me questions, monitoring the heart rate.  I had Doctors checking me out, making decisions. 

I was taken to theatre at 12.50am and at 1.20am on Saturday 13th May, I heard my baby’s first cry.  She was crying.  I started to cry. 

Afterwards, they confirmed that it was indeed a placental abruption; it was very serious.  I did hemorrhage, they did take some time to stop the bleeding and I could have died. 

Anwen arrived in a blur, a surprise baby.  She looks just like Seren did as a baby. 

So… introducing


13th May 2017

8lb 2oz @ 37+5 weeks