What’s for Dinner? Week Commencing 2nd May 2016

What’s for Dinner? Week Commencing 2nd May 2016

The thing I love about blogging is that when I don’t feel like it I don’t have to do it.  Then when I am ready I can come straight back and carry on where I left off.

I’ve decided to return with a What’s for Dinner? post and when better than the first Monday in May.

What’s for dinner in Beth’s house this week?

Beef Curry & Rice

I am attempting to empty my freezer once again and have diced beef in there.  So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Pork Casserole & Veggies

Another thing in the freezer to be used.  In fact, I had everything I need to make this dinner before shopping arrived.

Fish, Mash and Peas

A meal that fits in perfectly with hubby working a night shift because it’s quick, easy and doesn’t result in too many dishes.

Ravioli on Toast

We have to go to my Mum’s for Rainbows on Friday which means I’ll have just 30 minutes to give the kids something quick to eat before setting off in rush hour traffic.

Pizza & Chips

Hubby isn’t working on Saturday (Yay!) so we’ll have a movie night with pizza and chips.

Sausage Dinner

Boyo has a party on Sunday and I needed something to cook that he’ll enjoy too.  Sausage, roasties, veg & Yorkshire puds will do!

That’s everything for dinner in our house this week.  What are you eating?